FLOKSIN 250 mg Dry Powder for Syrup Preparation

Indication Info: The lively ingredient of the drug is Flucloxacillin. FLOXIN 250 mg Syrup is a penicillin group antibiotic that fights micro organism within the physique and treats infections attributable to staphylococcus, a kind of microbe. FLOKSIN, tonsillitis, sinusitis, otitis externa and higher respiratory tract infections akin to otitis media, laryngitis, pharyngitis; decrease respiratory tract infections akin to bacterial pneumonia, acute/persistent bronchitis, and lung infections; bacterial meningitis (bacterial meningitis); septicemia (blood an infection); genital tract infections akin to urinary bladder (bladder), kidney and urinary tract infections, ovarian irritation, prostate irritation; peritoneum irritation; pericardial infections attributable to micro organism; bone and bone marrow

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