Fish that can live up to 100 years: Coelacanth

“Coelacanth”, nicknamed the dwelling fossil, can live for 100 years and the being pregnant of females can final up to 5 years.

In accordance to analysis carried out in France, It was revealed that the Coelacanth fish, whose lineage dates again to the dinosaur age, can live up to 100 years, the females turn out to be sexually mature on the finish of the 50s and their being pregnant lasts up to 5 years.

It was decided that the fish, nicknamed the “dwelling fossil”, can attain up to 1.8 meters in size and up to 90 in weight, males between the ages of 40 and 69, and females on the finish of their 50s.


In a research carried out on the College of Montpellier, the physique pattern of the fish, nicknamed “Residing fossil”, within the museum was examined by counting the strains on it, related to the tactic of detecting age from tree rings.

The research’s findings have been revealed within the journal Present Biology, and it was reported that the fish develop additional sluggish and can live for about 100 years.

Because the Coelacanth genus is at risk of extinction, inanimate specimens are underneath investigation.

Fish that can live up to 100 years: Coelacanth #1




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