Fill your home with positive energy in 5 steps! :

When we come home after a busy day, we want to rest and be happy. One of the ways to achieve this is by filling our home with positive energy.

You can turn your home into a place of peace with simple changes, even with tasks to be done in five minutes, and say “I’m glad I live here”. Your best friend ” We have recommendations to change the mood in the home.

Make sure to air your home every morning

You may be quickly getting ready for school or work in the morning. This hustle can make you forget to air the house and open the curtains. For good energy, it is very important that air and daylight enter the house. So don’t forget to open the windows and curtains as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Change the mood of the house with green plants

You can grow green plants in any part of your home. Plants both add color to your home and create a clean air. Also, taking care of flowers and plants will increase your energy and make you feel good.

Use comforting scents in your home

You can use aromatic scents in your home to rest and relax your soul. Lavender oil is one of the fragrant oils known for its relaxing properties. Methods such as incense are also good for your soul by resting you. However, instead of using sprays, the scents in glass bottles with straws are both healthier and more decorative.

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Rest at home with the right lighting

Too much and white light environments tire your eyes and prevent you from relaxing. It would be better to use yellow light for a relaxing and more comfortable environment. Take care to choose the softest shade of yellow. Also, instead of large chandeliers, small lamps or a floor lamp will create a much more beautiful image.

Clean the bad energy with sage

If you feel bad energy in your home or in your own mood, you can get rid of this negative energy with sage. The method of burning sage, which is based on Native American culture, has a relaxing effect. This effect is now recognized by most.

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