Fight in the Kuwaiti Parliament

The Kuwaiti Parliament met yesterday to debate the annual funds.

Throughout the assembly, a combat broke out between ministers and opposition lawmakers.


With the begin of the assembly, opposition lawmakers took the seats of the ministers to protest the “corruption” in the nation.

Some deputies hit the tables to cease the speeches. Whereas the opposition deputies had been sitting in the ministers’ seats, the ministers waited at the entrance of the assembly room.

Fight in the Kuwaiti Parliament Video


Kuwaiti opposition MP Abdulaziz Al-Sakabi, “Our drawback is just not with the funds. The issue is with the authorities.” used the phrase.

Talking after the pressure, Kuwaiti Parliament Speaker Marzouk Al-Ghanim mentioned, “We’ve got the proper to request a particular session as a result of the session was interrupted.” mentioned.

Regardless of the pressure in the Parliament, the annual funds for 2021-2022 was accredited.

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