Fever can cause hair loss

Dermatologist Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur mentioned that hair loss can be seen after many ailments with a febrile course.

Though the severity is totally different, hair loss, which is noticed particularly in many individuals over center age, can generally turn into an necessary downside. Those that survived the Kovid-19 an infection are additionally within the threat group in hair loss that can be seen attributable to earlier ailments. Dermatologist Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur made statements on the topic.

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Consideration to the truth that there are various causes for hair loss, Dermatologist Seher Küçükoğlu Cesur, “This causes; genetic causes, vitamin deficiencies (iron, b12, folic acid, zinc, biotin, b12), stress attributable to medication used after infections in some inner ailments (endocrine and rheumatic ailments comparable to thyroid ailments), postpartum hair loss and hair loss attributable to their very own cycles. can be listed as mentioned.

Stating that infections with fever can result in hair loss referred to as ‘symptomatic alopecia’, Dr. Küçükoğlu Cesur said that there could also be a causality between Kovid-19 an infection and hair loss on this respect and mentioned: “Coronavirus an infection causes a systemic sickness with fever. Due to this fact, after Kovid-19 infections, hair loss referred to as ‘symptomatic alopecia’ can be seen each because of the an infection and because of the medication used. This downside, which manifests itself with thinning of the hair basically, could happen in some folks roughly 2-4 months after the Covid-19 an infection. Nonetheless, hair loss just isn’t a precursor of Covid-19 an infection, however a results of the illness.

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Stating that vitamin deficiency and stress, particularly attributable to strict diets, could cause low physique resistance and result in hair elimination, Dr. Küçükoğlu Cesur emphasised that for wholesome hair, it’s essential to keep away from strict diets and eat wholesome and commonly. Stating that when hair loss happens, blood exams needs to be carried out first, vitamin values ​​and inner ailments needs to be reviewed, Dermatologist Dr. Seher Kucukoglu Cesur, “It is very important eat wholesome with the substitute of lacking values. Hair care lotions and anti-hair loss shampoos can be used as supportive remedies.” he suggested.

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