Fasting during pregnancy poses risks to mother and baby

Assoc. Dr. Lebriz Hale Aktün mentioned that the Presidency of Spiritual Affairs and scientific research agreed on not fasting during pregnancy.

In starvation and thirst, the protection methods of the expectant mother and baby go into alarm. If the mother has illnesses comparable to kidney, blood strain and diabetes, this case leads to life-threatening circumstances for each mother and baby. Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. Lebriz Hale Aktün drew consideration to the results of being thirsty and hungry for a very long time due to Ramadan on pregnant ladies and warned.

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Affiliate Professor from the Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Medipol Mega College Hospital. Dr. Lebriz Hale Aktun, “Throughout the month of Ramadan, we’re ceaselessly confronted with questions comparable to ‘Does fasting during pregnancy have any unfavorable results on the baby and the mother-to-be?’ The Presidency of Spiritual Affairs and scientific analysis meet on a typical floor on fasting. The Ministry of Spiritual Affairs says, ‘One of many legitimate excuses for not fasting in Ramadan is pregnancy or breastfeeding’. Scientific research on this topic come to the conclusion that long-term starvation can have unfavorable results on each pregnant ladies and the baby. used his statements.

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Pointing to the unfavorable metabolic footage attributable to long-term starvation in expectant moms, Assoc. Dr. Lebriz Hale Aktun, “In accordance to the outcomes of present research, fasting during pregnancy can lead to a lower in blood sugar, a rise in blood fat, and a lower in blood pumped from the center. Being dehydrated for a very long time can lead to deterioration of physique water stability, improve in urea and sodium within the blood, lower in kidney blood stream and thus lower in urine output. he mentioned.

Fasting during pregnancy poses risks to mother and baby #2


Assoc. Dr. Aktun listed the risks posed by long-term starvation and thirst for the well being of the baby within the womb as follows: “The baby prompts some protection mechanisms to shield himself. He needs to stability the method by sending much less blood to his much less necessary organs so as to ship extra blood to his very important organs. Consequently, a collection of protecting mechanisms come into play within the mother and the baby in long-term starvation and thirst. That is seen within the clinic with signs comparable to weak spot, fatigue, low blood strain and headache in pregnant ladies. The activation of the protecting mechanism within the baby manifests itself with medical indicators comparable to decreased baby actions and deterioration in checks exhibiting well-being.

Aktün acknowledged that scientifically, starvation and thirst create a severe alarm scenario within the physique by way of the well being of the mother and baby. “This case can typically be tolerated for up to 9 hours in a wholesome pregnant lady. Nonetheless, as well as to those that have handed this era, in addition to these with kidney, diabetes and hypertension, starvation and thirst lasting longer than 9 hours can have harmful penalties for the mother and the baby. Should you suppose, ‘I’m not struggling, I’m not experiencing these issues, I’ve a wholesome pregnancy course of, I need to quick’, it could be applicable to seek the advice of your physician and quick by following his/her management and dietary suggestions. he concluded his speech.

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