ExoMars satellite photographed Perseverance rover on the surface

NASA Launched on 30 July 2020 by perseverance The (Perseverance) car efficiently landed in Jezero Crater on the purple planet on the evening of February 18, after a 7-month journey.

The Perseverance car, which is able to examine the geological processes on Mars, its habitability, whether or not there’s life on Mars earlier than and organic traces, may also be carried out in orbit. ExoMars It is usually tracked by satellite.

The orbiter of the European Area Company and Russia’s Roscosmos company ExoMarstook a powerful photograph of the purple planet.

The car’s Shade and Stereo Surface Imaging System (CaSSIS) Pulled from a top of 400 kilometers In the photograph, NASA’s Perseverance rover, which not too long ago reached Mars, remained as a pinhead.

ExoMars, which got down to probe the purple planet’s environment in 2016, captured the picture on February 23, the place Perseverance seems as a small, faint dot.


At photograph, perseverenace of the car The parachute, cone-shaped again, warmth defend and touchdown stage can be seen whereas touchdown on Mars.

In line with European Area Company officers, ExoMars has an ideal function in the profitable touchdown of the NASA car on the surface of Mars. ExoMars was tasked with transmitting vital information exhibiting the car’s progress to Earth.

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ExoMars, presently in the Martian environment, sampling and analyzing molecules in the environment. On this means, scientists can study geological actions on the planet, primarily based on atmospheric gases akin to methane, that are current in very small portions.

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