Everyone gets vaccinated on Italy’s Procida Island

Everyone gets vaccinated on Italy’s Procida Island

The entire world has been preventing the coronavirus epidemic for 1 yr.

Italy was one of many nations that suffered probably the most on this epidemic.

The landscapes that emerged final yr revealed the painful facet of the epidemic.

With the invention of the vaccine this yr, Italy’s A primary was achieved by vaccinating everybody residing on Procida Island.

Within the nation The primary Italian island to finish the vaccination of the inhabitants was Procida.


Procida IslandIt was acknowledged that roughly 6,900 doses of vaccine have been administered in Turkey and this covers 92 % of the registered inhabitants.

It was famous that the excessive degree of vaccination protection will contribute to decreasing the chance of spreading the virus on the Island.

After Procida, it has been reported that vaccination research for the island residents will intensify within the neighboring Ischia Island from tomorrow.


In different information in regards to the topic within the Italian press, Procida mentioned ““Kovid-free island” talked about as.

In the meantime, within the nation the place the widespread vaccination marketing campaign in opposition to Kovid-19 began on December 27, 2020, the variety of individuals vaccinated has reached 21 million 27 thousand 308 as of immediately. Of these vaccinated, 6 million 348 thousand 757 have been those that acquired the second dose.

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Greater than 121 thousand individuals have misplaced their lives within the Kovid-19 epidemic, which has been going on for 14 months within the nation.

Everyone is vaccinated on the Italian island of Procida #2

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