Even if wearing a mask, sunscreen should be applied.

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Arzu Gökdemir Yanardag stated that with the warming of the climate, some precautions should be taken to guard the pores and skin from the dangerous results of the solar.

Güven Çayyolu Wholesome Residing Campus Division of Dermatology Specialist Dr. Arzu Gökdemir Yanardag stated that because the climate warms up as summer season enters, some precautions should be taken to guard the pores and skin from the dangerous results of the solar. Stating that whereas making ready the pores and skin for summer season, it’s essential to benefit from the assist that can meet the necessity for moisture, to not interrupt the each day skincare routine, and to make use of sunscreen lotions appropriate for the pores and skin kind, Yanardag shared necessary info on the topic.

Even if a mask is worn, sunscreen should be applied #1


Dermatology Specialist Dr. Arzu Gokdemir Volcano, “Utilizing a masks through the pandemic is a precaution that everybody should observe so as to decelerate the unfold of the virus. Nevertheless, with elevated sweating, particularly in scorching climate, the masks could trigger exacerbation of pores and skin issues resembling zits, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis by trapping sweat on the pores and skin. The most typical of those is the pores and skin drawback referred to as ‘maskne’, which is a kind of ‘mechanical zits’ induced by way of masks. Using double masks additional will increase the impact of the humid and airless surroundings. For the reason that masks used through the pandemic course of should not efficient in defending from the solar, it will be significant to not neglect to use sunscreen even if a masks is worn. he stated.

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Noting that placing on make-up whereas wearing a masks will create a layer on the moist and closed pores and skin floor, inflicting the pores to grow to be clogged, it would facilitate the formation of zits. “For that reason, coloured sunscreens can be most well-liked as a substitute of concealers resembling basis or powder. One other benefit of selecting coloured sunscreen is that it gives mechanical safety on the pores and skin floor. Crucial issue that we have to shield our pores and skin in summer season is the solar. Masks used as a result of pandemic don’t present full safety towards the dangerous results of solar rays, no matter their coloration and thickness. For that reason, it is suggested to use sunscreen cream whereas going out within the solar through the pandemic course of, and to put on a masks roughly 1 hour after making use of to soak up the cream. Ded.

Even if a mask is worn, sunscreen should be applied #2


Yanardag stated that the sunscreen should be chosen based on the pores and skin kind, “{People} with oily and glowing pores and skin should desire water-based merchandise that don’t clog pores and have a safety issue of a minimum of 30 and above. For these with dry and delicate pores and skin, sunscreens with moisturizing results will be extra appropriate. Those that must put on make-up can select coloured sunscreens, supplied that they’re appropriate for his or her pores and skin construction. As well as, the pores and skin should be washed with a appropriate cleaning gel each night after which moistened with a moisturizing cream. Whenever you stand up within the morning, after washing the face with clear water, making use of sunscreen cream should type the each day skincare routine in the summertime months. he stated.

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