EU High Representative Borrell stated that Russia is causing famine in the world

Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union (EU) International Relations and Safety Coverage, made an announcement to the press at the finish of the assembly of the overseas ministers of the EU member states in Luxembourg.

Borrell stated that by destroying the wheat shares of Russia, it prevented the ships from leaving Ukraine and exporting the wheat. “(Russian forces) They’re the ones causing the famine. They’re bombing the Ukrainian cities and inciting starvation in the world.” stated.

Borrell, “EU sanctions in opposition to Moscow didn’t trigger famine” pressured.

No choice was made on sanctions as we speak

Stating that they proceed to debate how the sanctions can be applied and fill the gaps, Borrell stated, “We’re measuring the influence of those sanctions on the Russian financial system. We are going to proceed to debate what else will be performed.” he stated.

Based on AA, Borrell, on the EU’s oil embargo in opposition to Russia inside the scope of sanctions, “All the pieces is on the desk, together with sanctions on oil and fuel, however no choice has been made as we speak.” he stated.

Fee for oil is 4 instances greater than for pure fuel

Declaring that there was a common dialogue about the sanctions in opposition to Russia in the area of fuel and oil, which solely analyzed the figures, Borrell reminded that there is a distinction between fuel and oil, and that the quantity of oil paid by the EU in 2021 is 4 instances greater than the cost for pure fuel.

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Borrell identified that it is essential to start out with oil first if there is a sanction in the fuel and oil area, and stated that Russian oil is simpler to provide from elsewhere than fuel.

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