Eco Skincare – Is it Ethical to Use Beeswax in Beauty Products As the Bees Continue to Vanish?

Einstein is rumored to have predicted that when bees disappear from our own planet, mankind will shortly perish. Although it can be not proven whether the great scientist said this kind of or not, our professionals are worried.

Wild bee populations are being easily wiped out by a parasitic mite and beekeepers if you hard to protect his or her farmed bees from the same fate.

As the bees vanish we take a new look at the bee and the issue connected with beeswax, ethics and natual skin care.

Beeswax (or cera alba as it shows up in ingredients labels) is definitely an component used by both business skin care manufacturers and even many pure, organic skin health care producers.

Beeswax is attained from the honeycomb connected with bees in the hive and even used in skincare as being an emulsifier and thickener, and with its reputed skin health care benefits.

People choosing to buy natural and natural and organic skin care expect eco-friendly, eco and ethical experience from the producers.

Cruelty-free is high on the list for green and even ethical shoppers which can be why it is significant to look at the issue of bees and beeswax.

Most vegans do not really eat honey or employ bee products although commonly speaking vegetarians do.

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Typically the Vegan Society condemns the use of all bee products such as darling, beeswax, propolis and regal jelly.

According to the Vegetarian Society exploitation of and even cruelty to bees includes:

  • Bee farming
  • Cruel look after the Queen bee
  • Wing-clipping
  • Killing bees when enjoying honey comb
  • Use connected with artificial food and insect sprays
  • Vivisection
  • Destruction of urticaria.

Pretty damning, no longer you think. Or can be it?

Looking further in to the issue it will appear that not just about all beekeepers employ the over methods.

Whilst it can be true that a majority of if not really all commercial bee facilities do practice cruelty to bees, many small ‘local’ beekeepers are more moral.

The independent beekeeper will argue that the bees’ welfare is the many important thing to these individuals, both being a moral accountability towards the bees and even in favor of fine sense for the modest business.

On many modest bee farms the bees are given extra area with regard to their hives, the bees enjoy working and create more honey than they will need, and by the use of pesticides they will are protected from toxic mites, parasites and fungus that are killing outrageous bee colonies. Beekeepers are usually also keen to explain that although it actually happens on large commercial bee farms, they themselves never kill off the bees or destroy their urticaria.

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Sadly the numbers connected with small, caring, ethical beekeepers is far outweighed by simply the huge commercial bee farms meeting the desire of even bigger business companies wanting large amounts of cheap product, no matter the cost to the bees.

And the question connected with exploitation remains as the bees are still retained and farmed for his or her monetary value.

Therefore, it is significant to choose cruelty-free healthy and organic beauty merchandise. This is not as simple as it sounds. Beeswax is actually a predominant ingredient in business and natural skincare, nevertheless there are bee-friendly solutions so read the literary works, website information and item ingredients carefully.

It can be not enough for natual skin care producers to claim to be against animal assessment. If in doubt, request!

A UK natural natual skin care company called Maia Body Care ( believes in using only cruelty-free components. They cannot use any bee product in their healthy beauty providers have superb green ethics. All his or her products are vegan-friendly and even free from beeswax, darling and any other components derived from bees.

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