Eat enough and balanced diet in summer; don’t be in your health

In scorching climate, it’s essential to eat somewhat greater than the quantity of water the physique wants. If the lack of water skilled with sweating isn’t accomplished, results reminiscent of fatigue, headache, dry mouth, constipation and pores and skin dryness start to manifest themselves. Personal Medicana Bursa Hospital Vitamin and Diet Specialist Veysel Ciğerli really useful to concentrate on the consumption of greens and fruits through the summer time months and to eat 2 – 2.5 liters of water a day because of the lack of water in the physique.


Drawing consideration to the significance of enough and balanced vitamin, Uz. Dietitian Veysel Ciğerli says that consuming meat merchandise, dairy merchandise, cereal merchandise, and greens and fruits, that are the 4 foremost meals teams, in adequate and balanced quantities, by offering selection, is without doubt one of the key factors of spending the summer time in a wholesome manner. Stating that starvation for a very long time will trigger the metabolism to work slowly, Cigerli states that meal occasions shouldn’t be missed, and that they need to be fed as 3 foremost meals and 3 snacks at intervals of two and a half hours.

Uz, who stated to avoid meals reminiscent of extreme oily, excessive salt content material frying and roasting through the summer time months. Dietitian Veysel Cigerli states that it’s extra useful to eat boiled, grilled or oven-baked meals as an alternative of those meals. Cigerli factors out that sugary drinks enhance thirst and says that pure drinks reminiscent of mineral water, unsweetened compote and lemonade ought to be most well-liked as an alternative of sugary drinks.

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Stating that coronary heart and vascular sufferers ought to be very cautious about their vitamin, particularly in the summer time months, Uz stated. Dietitian Veysel Ciğerli acknowledged that it will be important for these folks to avoid saturated fat and meals with excessive ldl cholesterol. Cigerli additionally emphasised that for a wholesome life, 30 – 45 minutes of train 3-4 days per week ought to be reworked into a life-style.

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