Earth’s new Mini Moon is leaving our planet

Scientists created an orbital simulation of a celestial physique known as “2020 SO” approaching the Earth, and it was said that the item, which is not but clear, might enter our orbit and grow to be the new ‘Mini Moon’ of the Earth.

The item, additionally known as ‘Mini Moon’ by the scientific world, entered Earth’s orbit final November.


The item, which made its closest move to our planet yesterday, entered a new route. The item started to maneuver away from the Earth with its journey on this route. In different phrases, Earth’s ‘Mini Moon’ is about to depart our planet perpetually.

It is additionally said that the new object would be the physique of the Surveyor 2 Centaur rocket launched into house in September 1966. Nevertheless, there is no data to show this but.

In accordance with scientists, 2020 SO won’t pose any menace to our planet.

Earth's new Mini Moon is leaving our planet #2

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