Early education is important in autism

Habits Analyst Prof. Dr. Bünyamin Birkan identified that diagnosing autism saves lives and the significance of reintegrating people with autism into society.

In line with consultants, whereas the variety of youngsters with autism continues to extend day-to-day, early prognosis and early education are gaining significance in autism. The truth that youngsters who couldn’t obtain education in the course of the pandemic interval fell behind in their education elevated the necessity for education just a little extra. Youngsters with autism, who’re usually identified with behavioral issues and communication issues, have difficulties in speaking with their households and folks round them. Specialists draw consideration to the significance of early prognosis for autism, which is seen extra incessantly yearly. In line with consultants, whereas the variety of youngsters with autism continues to extend day-to-day, early prognosis and early education are gaining significance in autism. Disrupted education in the course of the pandemic interval will increase the necessity for education of youngsters with autism just a little extra.

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Birkan, “Autism is rising yearly. 10-15 years in the past, we had been seeing one in 3-5 thousand youngsters. However in the present day we see it in roughly one in 54 youngsters. It is spreading very quick. We do not know what precipitated it. If we had identified, we may have taken motion. Youngsters with autism proceed to be born as a result of we don’t take precautions. The simplest technique we all know in the remedy of autism in the present day is education. So, can we give this coaching sufficient? Sadly, for varied causes, we’re unable to offer youngsters with autism the standard education they deserve. As a result of there aren’t sufficient school members to supply education in universities, there are school members in the opened departments. We have to practice extra school members in this regard. Why will we have to practice school members, as a result of we do these trainings by means of particular education academics.mentioned.

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Noting that the variety of autism is rising day-to-day, Birkan mentioned:Autism will be understood based mostly on commentary. You’ll be able to diagnose by trying on the kid’s conduct. You’ll be able to’t inform with a blood check and check. You could have to have the ability to observe the kid, there is a e-book, the entire world is based mostly on the diagnostic standards in this e-book. These diagnostic standards are divided into two teams in autism. Inadequacy in social communication, that is, if he doesn’t look whenever you name his identify, doesn’t make an effort to determine a bond with you, doesn’t make an effort to speak, if his speech is delayed, if he doesn’t present curiosity in his friends, doesn’t present sufficient curiosity in objects, doesn’t take note of what is happening round him, stays in his personal internal world, acts in his personal method. we suspect autism if their pursuits are restricted, if they’ve obsessive behaviors. In different phrases, we divide autism into two classes: restricted pursuits and behavioral issues. If these options are current, it is completely essential to seek the advice of a toddler neurologist or youngster psychiatrist. used the phrases.

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Bünyamin Birkan said that people with autism will be reintegrated into society with the mandatory education. “The age of 0-8 is very important for kids with autism, if we are able to present high quality education in this age vary, these youngsters can go to the identical faculties as their friends. Sooner or later, a health care provider can turn out to be an engineer. In different phrases, 50 % of them have a career and stay their lives like us. The opposite 50 % can participate in the society with good and certified particular education. Subsequently, early prognosis and correct education might be very useful in reintegrating them into society in the longer term. Subsequently, now we have a protracted method to go in phrases of high quality education. The state offers every youngster with 2 hours of particular education per week. It wasn’t like this earlier than. Solely youngsters topic to the pension fund may gain advantage. However now each youngster can obtain help for two classes per week. However the lesson hours these youngsters want needs to be 40 hours. Now the place is 40 the place 2 hours. Sadly, we can’t present the standard education they deserve with the specified depth. In fact, there is enchancment and growth, each in phrases of faculty and employees, however it is very important to get the mandatory coaching at an early age.” he mentioned.

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Drawing consideration to the truth that youngsters who couldn’t obtain education in the course of the pandemic interval fell behind in their education, Birkan mentioned, “Many households couldn’t go to the physician in the course of the pandemic interval. The youngsters couldn’t be identified. Youngsters who couldn’t be identified couldn’t begin education on time. We are going to see the results of this later. The education of the youngsters who had been identified and acquired education service was left unfinished. They forgot most of the abilities they’d acquired at dwelling and the youngsters remained away from social life. Actually, these youngsters have social abilities issues, and in this sense, an issue has emerged that stops them from being concerned in social life. I hope we are able to make up for this quickly.” he mentioned.

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