Duo Stim method challenges low egg reserve

Gynecology and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bahçeci shared details about duo stim, which is a double ovarian stimulation method.

Tasting the sensation of motherhood is undoubtedly the dream of each girl. Decreased egg reserve because of advancing age, some operations or bodily circumstances is usually a main impediment to girls’s desires. Because of the Duo Stim (double ovary stimulation) method, which is included within the therapy protocol with the developments that expertise has added to reproductive drugs, it’s attainable to gather eggs twice on the similar time and to acquire good high quality embryos in a short while. Gynecology and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bahçeci gave details about the applying, which has a excessive success price in IVF therapy.

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Stating that low ovarian reserve means a decreased variety of follicles in a lady’s ovaries, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bahceci, ”A very powerful issue among the many causes of low ovarian reserve is the age of the lady. Because the age of the lady will increase, the reserve decreases. Particularly after the age of 35, the quantity and high quality of follicles decreases quickly. In some circumstances, though the lady is younger, fewer eggs are discovered in comparison with her friends. In these circumstances, it’s emphasised that the issue that triggered the reserve scarcity could have additionally diminished the standard. Low egg reserve is seen in 10 to 30 % of girls who apply to a physician with a reproductive drawback. All the chances of expertise are being evaluated to seek out the perfect method for girls with low ovarian reserve. he mentioned.

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prof. Dr. Mustafa Bahçeci continued his phrases as follows: “Immediately, completely different protocols and completely different drug mixtures adopted for sufferers recognized with low ovarian reserve are utilized throughout IVF therapy. As well as, after the primary unsuccessful IVF therapy, it’s noticed that these sufferers stop the therapy at a really excessive price. Advances prior to now years have led to the emergence of recent and unconventional ovarian stimulation protocols. These advances have led to advances within the administration of affected person populations with poor ovarian reserve. Duo Stim in the identical menstrual cycle is presently acknowledged as some of the promising developments within the therapy of sufferers with a low ovarian response to drug stimulation.”

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Reminding that ovarian stimulation is began within the early levels of the menstrual cycle in classical strategies, Prof. Dr. gardener, Some current research carried out with girls with low egg reserve or therapies utilized to guard fertility in sufferers present process oncological therapy have revealed that enough quantity and high quality of eggs could be obtained in ovarian stimulation that begins within the second half of the ovarian cycle. Within the Duo Stim (double ovary stimulation) method, if there are eggs that may be seen by an ultrasound scan inside just a few days following a regular egg assortment process, these eggs are tried to be grown with a protocol just like the stimulation carried out within the first part. Since an embryo switch course of can’t be carried out on this course of, a ‘freeze-all’ technique is adopted for all eggs obtained and frozen embryo switch is deliberate for the next interval. Earlier research have proven that conventional ovarian stimulation protocols repeated as much as thrice in girls with a low egg response can improve total dwell beginning charges. Nevertheless, it is extremely troublesome for these girls to take care of as much as three therapies by way of bodily, psychological and financial features. Certainly, within the intervals between repeated therapy cycles, the speed at which sufferers drop out is an important subject. Examine outcomes present that the Duo Stim (double ovarian stimulation) method can cut back therapy withdrawal in girls with poor egg response. This additionally will increase sufferers’ probabilities of acquiring high quality embryo and thus a dwell beginning in a brief time period.” he mentioned.

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“Though there isn’t any age restriction within the software of the Duo Stim method, the principle software space is three teams of affected person profiles.”‘ mentioned Prof. Dr. Bahçeci said that this method is very really useful within the following conditions: ‘‘Superior feminine age (often 40 years or older is taken into account). Girls with low ovarian reserve markers (serum AMH or antral follicle depend, AFC) beneath accepted thresholds. Girls who had a low egg response to ovarian stimulation in earlier IVF trials (generally accepted is 3 or much less egg assortment)”

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