Dosage warning for supplements

Within the coronavirus epidemic that affected the world, many individuals resort to varied methods to strengthen their immunity.

On this regard, the place vitamin is crucial criterion, some folks want to fulfill the physique’s day by day vitamin and mineral wants with fortifying meals.

Particularly after the epidemic, the demand for such merchandise will increase, and there’s no want for a prescription to buy.

Noting that supplements present advantages to folks, ADEO President Mürsel Yalbuzdağ mentioned that such merchandise ought to be used with knowledgeable recommendation.


Noting that some folks might should take numerous nutritional vitamins or minerals from outdoors as a result of their dietary deficiencies and their existence, Yalbuzdağ underlined that this shouldn’t be performed with random suggestions.

Stating that such merchandise additionally comprise chemical compounds, Yalbuzbağ mentioned, “There is a crucial level in merchandise containing chemical compounds, as in medicines. Every part that’s not utilized in doses can have a poisonous impact. Subsequently, we should take note of the dose and unwanted side effects of the supplementary meals we use. Additionally, if we use a drug or have a persistent sickness, we must always inform our doctor. You will need to seek the advice of a pharmacist or a pharmacist. Throughout the pandemic interval, many individuals who don’t have any information give recommendation on the web. We should always not get caught up in them and act. If there isn’t a deficiency in our physique, it’s sufficient to concentrate to our weight loss program. We should always not count on every little thing to be tremendous with a pill to be taken from the skin. After all, will probably be helpful if used judiciously. Sufficient in order that we do not overdo it.” mentioned.

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Noting that the demand for merchandise containing nutritional vitamins D and C, zinc and propolis was intense after the epidemic, pharmacist Emine Berat Demirci mentioned that individuals turned to supplements with excessive antioxidant exercise.

Demirci said that even those that didn’t use any supplements earlier than the epidemic got here to the pharmacy and acquired these merchandise as a result of they had been efficient within the battle in opposition to the coronavirus. “Because of the worry of the virus after the epidemic, the demand elevated by 60 p.c. The costs didn’t improve greater than they need to have. The usage of these merchandise on web site is useful for the human physique. Nonetheless, we don’t discover it acceptable to make use of an excessive amount of. For instance, if you happen to take an excessive amount of vitamin C, it’s going to trigger stones in your kidney. When you exceed the dose of vitamin D, it’s going to hurt your liver. You will need to use it with the recommendation of a physician and pharmacist, with out exceeding the day by day doses.” he mentioned.

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Betül Akdeniz, who purchased nutritional vitamins C and D from the pharmacy, mentioned that she didn’t transcend the recommendation of her pharmacist and physician.

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