Don’t succumb to exam anxiety

The countdown has begun for the Excessive College Entrance Exam (LGS), which can be held within the shadow of the pandemic and the place roughly 1 million college students will sweat. The Excessive College Entrance Exam, which can be held on June 6, has brought on a rise within the anxiety of scholars who’ve been accustomed to residing with the coronavirus for a very long time. Medicana Worldwide İzmir Hospital Specialist Medical Psychologist Burçin Deniz, who said that the traditional and practical anxiety skilled earlier than the exam motivates the preparation for the exam and ensures the willingness to obtain success, mentioned that dysfunctional anxiety, which is disproportionate when it comes to severity and length, reduces motivation, reduces confidence within the stage of data, and makes selections. He identified that there’s a feeling that stops the giving course of, preparation for the exam and the efficient use of data.


Describing the signs of exam anxiety, Medical Psychologist Burçin Deniz mentioned, “Exam anxiety; It offers emotional signs comparable to anxiety, uneasiness, worry of failure, mental signs comparable to ‘I am unable to do it, the exam will go unhealthy’, and bodily signs comparable to sweating, tremor, palpitations, nausea, stomachaches. Distraction within the particular person, specializing in himself reasonably than the content material of the exam, problem in understanding, problem in remembering and organizing data causes a lower within the pupil’s efficiency. Specializing in the results of the exam reasonably than the method of the exam, disastrous the exam consequence, insecurity concerning the data talent concerning the exam or that it might mirror it, the that means attributed to the exam, the worry of destructive analysis trigger exam anxiety. mentioned.

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Specialist Medical Psychologist Burçin Deniz mentioned that it could be useful for college students to decide an exam technique earlier than taking the exam, “College students ought to give you the chance to discover solutions to these questions. ‘How effectively can you utilize the exam time given to you?’, ‘Through which space do you reply the questions extra simply and in a short while?’, ‘Through which space do you begin with the questions and the way do you rank them, your effectivity will improve?’, ‘So as to scale back the state of affairs of scrolling within the exam paper, how will you observe the roads?’ The technique decided by the solutions to these questions will assist college students within the exam.” he mentioned.

Expressing that having unrealistic ideas is likely one of the most essential components within the formation of check anxiety, Deniz said that it can be crucial to query the underlying ideas, re-evaluate these ideas from a special perspective, attempt to create a brand new psychological construction and create various ideas so as to deal with it.

Sea, “Each time you discover your destructive ideas throughout the exam, substitute them with practical optimistic ideas. In doing so, as an alternative of evaluating your self to others, consider your present efficiency towards your earlier efficiency and your present circumstances.” he mentioned.

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