Does watermelon, which is indispensable in summer, really make you lose weight?

Watermelon shell fell into the sea! When summer comes, watermelon, which is loved by almost everyone, has many benefits from relieving headaches to cleaning the kidneys. Adding color to the tables, giving flavor and health in every slice, watermelon helps to lose weight when portion control is done, while it can cause weight gain when consumed excessively. Specialist Dietitian Ecem Ocak, who draws attention to watermelon consumption in diets, “We guess everybody loves watermelon. Especially in summer diets, most people prefer watermelon, but if you do not pay attention to the amount of portion, you may gain weight while trying to lose weight. used the phrases.

Help us get rid of toxins

Describing the health benefits of watermelon, Dietitian Ecem Ocak said, “Because watermelon is one of the fruits with a high water content, it helps to relieve migraines and headaches due to thirst. You can feel more energetic thanks to the natural water in vegetables and fruits. he said. Underlining that high blood pressure is much more dangerous in the summer months, Ocak said, “Watermelon has properties that balance high blood pressure and relax circulation. The potassium and magnesium in watermelon help lower blood pressure and balance high blood pressure.” he added.

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Ecem Ocak said that being able to lose weight is to have a healthy liver. “Liver health is very important in weight loss. Another benefit of watermelon is that it supports liver functions. It helps to clean the waste materials and toxins accumulated in the liver. At the same time, the abundant water and antioxidants it contains support the functioning and cleaning of the kidneys, allowing the removal of excess edema and toxins in the body. he said.

How should we consume watermelon while losing weight?

Dietitian Ecem Ocak, who warned about watermelon consumption in diets, “Watermelon is 92% water. It also aids weight loss and contains vitamins A, C and B6. Since it is low in calories, it helps a lot in weight loss, but as with every fruit consumed during the diet period, attention should be paid to the consumption amount of watermelon. Watermelon is a very useful fruit, but the amount of sugar in it is high. For this reason, although it varies from person to person, the amount of watermelon consumed should not be too much, and cheese should be consumed to keep it full for a longer time. he concluded.

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