Do not take meat out of the refrigerator and refreeze it

It’s a very brief time till the Eid-al-Adha, and preparations for the feast have begun. One of the greatest issues is eradicating and re-freezing the meat put in the refrigerator after the cooking course of. Preserving meat at room temperature for a very long time carries a threat of bacterial infections. Reminding that some precautions needs to be taken in phrases of well being since the Feast of Sacrifice coincides with the summer time months, VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital Gastroenterology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Hakan Demirci made vital warnings.


Stating that consuming meat and meat merchandise in giant quantities and at each meal all through the day is kind of dangerous for well being, Assoc. Dr. Hakan Demirci, “Particularly in individuals with cardiovascular, diabetes, abdomen and digestive system illnesses and unhealthy ldl cholesterol, meat consumption needs to be restricted. Contemplating that tea, espresso, nuts, sweets and carbonated drinks might be consumed in rising quantities, it is vital to steadiness the meals. Water should be consumed all through the day. It ought to contribute to the balanced digestion of greens, fruits and meats. he stated.

Emphasizing the significance of cooking and storing meat, Assoc. Dr. Hakan Demirci, “It needs to be famous that very dense meat needs to be consumed in smaller parts and small meals slightly than in giant portions. Other than this, resting the meat in chilly air for twenty-four to 48 hours might be far more useful in phrases of digestive system issues, slightly than consuming the meat contemporary and rapidly as quickly as the sufferer is slaughtered. Resting the meat might be useful, particularly in phrases of reflux drawback, rising abdomen acid and stopping gastritis. Many illnesses can happen in purple meat. It could additionally trigger an infection in people. It’s one of the greatest issues that the meat put in the refrigerator is taken out once more after the cooking course of and then re-frozen. Preserving it at room temperature for a very long time can even create huge issues in phrases of bacterial infections.” used the phrases.

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Do not take meat out of the refrigerator and refreeze it #2


Having warned towards cystic parasites known as “echinococci”, Assoc. Dr. Hakan Demirci, “There are some infections present in the offal of bovine and ovine animals, which we think about as cat and canine cysts. Particularly when consuming such organs, reminiscent of the liver, they should be visually managed very effectively. There could also be white plaques on the nodules. When the liver is lower and chopped, its homogeneous construction is disrupted. It may be seen that there are particularly white lumps in it. In such instances, that meat ought to not be consumed, it needs to be destroyed.” stated.

Stating that the digestive system is totally affected by extreme meat consumption, Assoc. Dr. Blacksmith, “Extra abdomen acid known as reflux, gastritis as a result of the pressure of the digestive system may be seen. Once more on this interval, gallbladder illnesses may be seen as a result of the consumption of intensely fatty and fried meat. Irritation of the pancreas can be amongst the commonest illnesses. Particularly younger youngsters, aged individuals, individuals with diabetes, persistent vascular and coronary heart illnesses, individuals with abdomen and intestinal illnesses ought to limit meat consumption and not be consumed in giant portions, however needs to be consumed as divided into meals. As well as, young children could expertise digestive issues and stomachaches.” warned.

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