Diet can trigger migraines

Migraine is far more than a headache. Migraine, which manifests itself as an intense headache, could also be accompanied by hypersensitivity to gentle and sound and vomiting, and often lasts from a number of hours to three days.

Stress, poor sleep patterns or hormonal modifications are a few of the elements that can have an effect on the standing of migraine. It is usually identified to be usually hereditary. It’s thought that 90 p.c of individuals with migraine have a household historical past. Nonetheless, these usually are not the one genes and elements described.


Whereas sure meals haven’t been proven to trigger migraines, sure dietary modifications have been proven to assist handle migraine signs.

Intestine micro organism are believed to affect migraine. The mind and gastrointestinal tract are linked by way of numerous mind, endocrine and immune pathways. Adjustments within the intestine microbiota can result in an inflammatory response that can result in migraine.

Some frequent meals triggers embody:

DAO enzyme deficiency

This enzyme is answerable for metabolizing histamine present in meals comparable to milk and citrus fruits and excreted within the urine. It can’t be eradicated in individuals with diamine oxidase (DAO) deficiency, it passes into the bloodstream and accumulates within the plasma, inflicting results comparable to migraine and gastrointestinal problems. It’s estimated that 90 p.c of individuals with DAO deficiency endure from migraines. On this case, it is vital to vary your food regimen and restrict meals excessive in histamine, comparable to processed meats, dairy merchandise, citrus fruits and alcoholic drinks.

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Meals with nitrites or nitrates

Precautions must be taken towards nitrites or nitrates present in processed meats comparable to sausage, salami, ham and inexperienced leafy greens comparable to beets and the consumption of those meals must be restricted.

Monosodium glutamate

This additive, which is used as a preservative and taste enhancer in meals comparable to ready-made soups and a few packaged broths, is particularly wealthy in glutamic acid in its free type.few individuals could also be delicate.

Meals excessive in tyramine

This amino acid happens naturally in sure meals, particularly fermented meals. We now have the enzyme monoamine oxidase (MOA), which breaks down tyramine within the physique. If the physique doesn’t have sufficient of this enzyme, migraines can happen after consuming meals wealthy in tyramine, comparable to smoked meats, chocolate, ripe cheese, nuts, and sauces.


Most of your each day salt consumption comes from processed meals, so all the time select to prepare dinner at dwelling each time potential or select meals labeled low sodium each time potential.

Consumption of saturated fat and trans fat, extreme caffeine consumption, and consumption of poor, near-perishable meals can additionally trigger migraines as a result of histamine is a byproduct of poorly preserved canned or oily fish.

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Diet can trigger migraine #2


The simplest technique to see your triggers is to maintain an in depth diary of every little thing you eat and observe when a migraine happens. Take a detailed take a look at the meals eaten within the final 24 hours (some triggers trigger signs straight away, whereas others can occur a number of hours later).

As soon as recognized, you have to be cautious to take away them out of your food regimen. It is very important seek the advice of a dietitian who’s an professional within the area to assist us plan essentially the most acceptable possibility.

Migraine can’t be cured, however correct therapy can relieve ache and stop the onset of migraine. Due to this fact, prevention is vital, and meals that can assist us stay more healthy lives embody:

Prioritize complete grain consumption. They include extra fiber and nutritional vitamins. Exchange meals like white bread or rice with whole-grain variations.

All the time devour meals comparable to nuts, oil seeds, greens, quinoa, buckwheat, lentils. Keep away from processed meals.

Improve fruit and vegetable consumption. Half of our plate ought to encompass such meals. Don’t skip meals or keep hungry for lengthy intervals of time. Keep away from massive meals and train enough vitamin management.

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Completely keep away from alcohol. Alcohol is an entire migraine trigger. Drink water throughout the day as a substitute of sugary drinks like flavored soda. Along with getting sufficient sleep, any rest approach that reduces the extent of stress and common train may even assist us keep away from migraines.

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