Diabetes test is vital during pregnancy

It has develop into one of the requested questions in recent times. “Do I’ve to be examined for diabetes during pregnancy?” answering the query Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Mustafa Bahram, gStating that sugar metabolism, which is vital for each mom and child during midwifery, is one of many physiological modifications that happen during pregnancy, he drew consideration to the significance of sugar test.

Behram stated that within the presence of threat elements comparable to weight problems, superior age, historical past of enormous child, historical past of gestational diabetes in first-degree relations or earlier pregnancies, sugar screening test ought to undoubtedly be accomplished, and that within the presence of such dangerous circumstances, the sugar screening test must be carried out in earlier weeks, and that during pregnancy, the mom’s blood sugar test must be accomplished. He said that the excessive sugar stage within the candidate places the lifetime of the mom and child in peril.


Saying that the quantity of sugar within the test is equal to the quantity of two slices of baklava. Bahram, “The sugar screening test is accomplished with 50 grams of sugar. Sadly, for the sake of being in style and attracting consideration, some penal sanctions needed to be utilized due to our academics, who got here out within the media and stated that having a diabetes test during pregnancy may result in diabetes sooner or later, and that this was not true and even these statements.” he stated.

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Behram said that it is important to have a sugar test during pregnancy in circumstances the place there are threat elements. “This test doesn’t trigger any hurt to the newborn or the mom within the womb. Let’s not overlook that undetected diabetes during pregnancy can put the mom and child in life-threatening conditions.” used the phrases.

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