Details of Artemis and the first woman to go to the Moon from NASA!

Full 50 years earlier than Apollo 11With the profitable touchdown of the Moon, NASA from astronauts Neil Armstrong He was the first man to step on the moon. As NASA celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of this occasion Moonto first woman to seem and Artemis He shared particulars about his undertaking.

TÜBİTAK Main Researchers Program outcomes introduced

The outcomes of the TÜBİTAK Main Researchers Program initiated by the Ministry of Business and Expertise in December 2018 have been introduced. A complete of 127 scientists, 98 Turkish and 29 overseas, working overseas most popular Turkey.

NASA shared the particulars of Artemis and the first woman to go to the Moon!

NASA celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of stepping on the Moon with an occasion held yesterday. As well as to the celebration, new initiatives and the plan to go to the Moon additionally left their mark on the occasion. from the Nationwide Aeronautics and Area Administration First woman to step on the moon and Artemis New particulars about the undertaking have been shared.

Vice President delivering his fiftieth anniversary speech at NASA’s Area Heart in Florida Mike Pence As half of the Artemis undertaking, it should carry American astronauts to the Moon crew capsule is full introduced.

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Details of Artemis and the first woman to go to the Moon from NASA!  - ShiftDelete.Net (2)

Nonetheless, this time from the crew members who will go to the Moon. at the very least one The woman will turn into an astronaut. The Vice President continued his speech by emphasizing that they’re proud that this capsule will carry the first woman to set foot on the Moon. 1960comparable to the one in “We’ll take one other big step for all humanity” Mike Pence He additionally shared the particulars of the Artemis undertaking.

“In Greek mythology Apollotwin sister and moon goddess accepted as Artemis gave a reputation to this undertaking. Artemis 1, Orion spacecraft and subsequent technology SLS will probably be transported on the rocket. 2024 Inside the scope of the mission, the first workforce of astronauts will start their journey to the Moon.” Concluding his phrases, Mike Pence’s statements revealed many particulars about the new mission.

Artemis, whose building is completed, is NASA’s Ohioin Plum Brook It’s anticipated to move many assessments at the station. If the finish date of the assessments is 2023 was decided as. Astronauts on the new Moon mission close to the finish of the assessments may also be introduced to the public.

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