Cristiano Ronaldo – Weight, Height, Boyfriend, Age, Life

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Full name

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro

Date of birth

February 5, 1985 (aged 33)

Her Spouse

Alessia Tedeschi

Sun Sign


Cristiano Ronaldo

Place of Birth (Nereli)

Funchal / Portugal

Short Life (Biography)

He was born on February 5, 1985 in Portugal. He was promoted from Sporting Lisbon infrastructure to the A team in 2002. Now playing in the starting 11, Ronaldo played against Manchester United that same year. This match was also the match he proved himself to the world. Despite his young age, using almost every ball positively, Ronaldo managed to attract the attention of United coach Alex Ferguson.

In 2003, he made his way to the British giant Manchester United. The year he came, he played 39 games and he was only 19 years old. In his first year, he won the football player of the year award in England. He made his main debut 2 years later, in 2005. He made 11 goals in 46 matches with 8 assists. Ronaldo, who has improved himself physically much better than before, broke the record for goals and assists in 2006 with 23 goals and 23 assists. Finally, the star player, who transferred to Real Madrid with a record price of € 94 million in 2009, has been wearing the Real Madrid shirt for 5 years.



Eye color


Natural hair color

Dark brown




1.85 m or 185 cm

Things to Know

  1. He won the Champions League Championship once under the jerseys of Real Madrid and Manchester United.
  2. He was named the best player of the tournament with his performance in Euro 2012 with the Portuguese National Team.
  3. The relationship she had with the famous model Irina Shayk never fell from the agenda of the magazine. However, this relationship ended surprisingly in 2015 when no one expected it.
  4. Despite having a son named Cristianinho in June 2010, Ronaldo has yet to reveal his mother, including his brother.
  5. Cristiano’s second name was also named Ronaldo, because his father was a fan of Ronald Reagan, a former politician.
  6. He first started playing in the national team in 2003 and was named team captain in 2008.

About Physics

Cristiano Ronaldo was very poor physically in the early years of his career. While playing in the infrastructure of the Sporting Lisbon team in his country Portugal, he was quite weak in bilateral struggles. However, when he was discovered by Alex Ferguson, transferred to Manchester United and reached a certain maturity, he started bodybuilding. He came to Real Madrid for a record fee and had a great physique with the determination to pay off. According to Ronaldo, the first rule of having this physique is to stay away from fatty foods and eat healthy.

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