Criminal complaint from Swedish police against Paludan, who provoked the Qur’an

In a legal complaint filed by the Malmö Police Division, it was demanded that Rasmus Paludan be punished for committing hatred and hatred by inciting the public.

Criminal complaint filed in 2020

Based on the information of AA; Malmö District Police Chief Jimmy Arkenheim acknowledged {that a} legal complaint was filed against Paludan in 2020 for the identical purpose, and that the prosecutor didn’t see the must take the case to court docket at the moment.

Stating that they filed a legal complaint for the reconsideration of the incident, Arkenheim stated that this time he believed that the case wouldn’t be closed with out prosecution and could be delivered to court docket.

The nation is confused after the excessive right-wing provocation of the Qur’an in Sweden – VIDEO

5 years of provocative actions

Paludan, who has Danish and Swedish citizenship, has been scary the burning of the Holy Quran in varied cities of Denmark since 2017.

Provocations in police safety

Throughout the month of Ramadan final 12 months, Paludan continued his provocations beneath police safety close to Muslim neighborhoods and mosques.

Quran provocation beneath police safety from excessive right-wing politician in Sweden – VIDEO

Rasmus Paludan continued his provocations in Sweden’s capital metropolis of Stockholm and the cities of Malmö, Norköpin and Jönköping throughout the Easter holidays.

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Criminal complaint from Swedish police against Paludan who provoked the Quran #1

His provocations confused Sweden

The demonstrators, who wished Paludan to be stopped, additionally attacked the police with stones by burning tires on the roads. Throughout the incidents, 26 police officers and 14 demonstrators have been injured, and 20 police automobiles have been destroyed by burning.

The nation is confused after the excessive right-wing provocation of the Qur’an in Sweden – CLICK HERE FOR THE NEWS

Criminal complaint against Paludan, who provoked the Quran from the Swedish police #2

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