Couple arrested after breaking into Queen Elizabeth’s residence

Couple arrested after breaking into Queen Elizabeth’s residence

A pair has been caught trespassing at Queen Elizabeth’s residence in Windsor Citadel. Though the Queen was not on the residence, her son Prince Andrew was reportedly there.


A 31-year-old man and a 29-year-old girl, Queen Elizabeth He entered his backyard on the Royal Lodge. The couple managed to enter the backyard by climbing over the fence.

The suspects, who managed to enter the backyard the place the Queen spent her time, wandered across the backyard for some time and weren’t caught by anybody.

The officers, who observed the incident later, arrested the couple. The arrested individuals had been launched on bail.

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The British press wrote that this incident was not the primary and that it was “Massive mistake, inexcusable”.

Earlier, A lady who mentioned she was Prince Andrew’s fiancee was allowed to enter the property, and the suspect was arrested upon understanding of the scenario.

These occasions bolstered suspicions that there was a ‘safety breach’ on the Queen’s property.

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