Coronavirus can stay on human skin for 9 hours

A gaggle of researchers from Japan’s Kyoto State College examined how lengthy Covid-19 can survive on human skin.


Making use of the identical variety of influenza A viruses as 100,000 corona viruses to the skin tissues taken from the deceased, the group decided that the flu virus can stay contagious for roughly 1 hour and 50 minutes, and the corona virus for roughly 9 hours.


Researchers additionally examined the resistance of the coronavirus, which was decided to stay within the human physique for about 6 instances longer than the flu, towards alcohol-containing disinfectants.

The group, who utilized ethanol with 80 % focus for 15 seconds to skin samples with virus on it, concluded that just about no virus was discovered within the samples after the sterilization course of.

Specialists reminded that their experiment confirmed that using disinfectants for fingers and fingers is efficient in stopping the unfold of the virus.

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