Contact eczema increased during the epidemic period

Considered one of the most vital guidelines of safety from coronavirus since the first day of its launch is hand cleansing. Because of this, we now have been washing our arms about 15-20 occasions a day for nearly 1 yr, utilizing disinfectants with excessive alcohol content material, cologne and soaps with excessive pH worth. Nevertheless, these merchandise can injury the pores and skin’s pure protecting barrier.

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Armin Müştak, bHe warned that if we don’t take excellent care of our arms on this period, we could encounter extra severe pores and skin issues equivalent to eczema past drying, cracking and redness in the coming days, and made strategies to guard hand well being.


With chilly climate, issues equivalent to dryness, redness and flaking happen in our pores and skin. Later, contact eczema manifests itself with blistering and itching. During the epidemic, frequent washing of arms, use of disinfectant, cologne and cleaning soap with excessive pH worth trigger this pores and skin illness to be seen in many individuals.

Unsuitable masks, that are presently used for cover from Covid-19 an infection, also can trigger these signs to seem on our faces. Allergic contact eczema could happen on the facial pores and skin towards adhesives, rubber and steel components in masks. Medicine is required to do away with this situation.

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On this course of, the place we spend loads of time in our properties, merchandise equivalent to bleach, vinegar and detergent used for cleansing mustn’t come into direct contact with arms. Gloves should be used when cleansing with these merchandise. Using such cleansing merchandise with out gloves will increase the chance of growing eczema. The primary symptom in the improvement of eczema is dryness. Because of this, we should always take care to moisturize our arms with water-based lotions. If the eczema in your hand doesn’t go away regardless of moisturizers, the cracks have deepened and there may be ache, ache, redness and swelling, it is best to seek the advice of a dermatologist at this stage.

Contact eczema increased during the epidemic #2


Arms must be washed totally for 20 seconds, utilizing as a lot water as doable and cleansers with pH values ​​appropriate for the pores and skin. Arms must be washed with heat water and disinfectants shouldn’t be utilized in the residence surroundings. You must also be sure that your arms are totally rinsed. Since disinfectants are merchandise with a excessive alcohol content material, they injury the protecting barrier layer of the pores and skin. This causes extra drying and cracking of the pores and skin. Because of this, we should always use disinfectants when there is no such thing as a entry to water and cleaning soap. We must always not overlook to moisturize our arms with water-based lotions.

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