Collagen makes the skin firm and taut

Saying that collagen protein is certainly one of the most important proteins for the physique, Vitamin and Weight loss plan Specialist Dyt. Aslıhan Kara shared info on the topic.

Collagen, which is amongst the hottest proteins of latest years, is at the focus of many individuals who need to beautify their skin, enhance their joints and do sports activities. Expressing that the phrase collagen means ‘glue’ in Greek, VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital Vitamin and Weight loss plan Specialist Dyt. Aslıhan Kara stated that collagen acts as a glue in the physique. Noting that collagen is the most considerable primary protein in the human physique, which varieties the structural integrity of the physique, Dietitian Aslıhan Kara acknowledged that it’s considerable in the physique, particularly in muscle groups, bones, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, skin, intestines and different connective tissues.

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Dietitian Aslıhan Kara, who underlined that there’s collagen in the construction of every of our organs, together with our skin, tendons, joints, nails, connective tissue, enamel, hair and bones, famous that this necessary protein additionally helps the skin to be tighter and tighter by growing the elasticity of the skin. “When collagen ranges in the physique are satisfactory, cells containing collagen tackle a robust and youthful look.” Dietitian Aslıhan Kara identified that the improve in consumption of packaged meals, fried meals and quick meals reduces the quantity of collagen getting into our physique.

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Emphasizing that there are 28 sorts of collagen, Dietician Kara acknowledged that the most typical sorts of collagen are Kind 1, Kind 2, Kind 3 and Kind 4 and defined the variations between them as follows: “Kind 1 is the most considerable kind of collagen present in the human physique. It offers elasticity and rigidity to the skin. Kind 2 protects joint well being. Kind 3 is efficient in forming the tissue of the coronary heart and blood vessels. Kind 4 performs a task in the formation of buildings surrounding muscle groups, fats and organs.”

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Dietitian Aslıhan Kara shared the following details about the helpful results of collagen in our physique: “Collagen gives restore and therapeutic in skin tissue with its anti-aging impact, prevents cellulite formation. It gives muscle mass, muscle restore and accelerates fats burning. It makes hair, nails and enamel more healthy and stronger as a constructing block.”

Stating that some vitamins assist the manufacturing of collagen in the physique, Dietician Aslıhan Kara listed them as follows: “Vitamin C is the chief of the vitamins that assist collagen manufacturing in the physique. It has the potential to extend particularly Kind 1 collagen synthesis and cut back oxidative stress. Arginine, proline, glycine, glutamine, zinc and copper additionally improve collagen synthesis. Arginine shops are present in pumpkin, watermelon seeds and peanuts. Proline is present in egg whites, dairy merchandise, mushrooms, cabbage. Glycine is usually present in meat, hen, fish and legumes.”

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Expressing that the pure collagen in our physique begins to lower after the age of 20, and progressively decreases by a mean of 1-1.5 yearly, Dietician Aslıhan Kara continued as follows: “After a sure time, the physique’s personal collagen will start to develop into inadequate. Underneath the management of a specialist, secure quantities and doses of collagen dietary supplements can be utilized. At the similar time, consuming an excessive amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates, smoking, publicity to an excessive amount of daylight, poor high quality food regimen, inadequate bodily exercise. “It could cut back the collagen in our physique over time and speed up its destruction. Straightforward breakage of hair and nails in the physique, extra wrinkles than regular, bleeding gums, continual fatigue, joint ache, cellulite formation are indicators of decreased collagen manufacturing in the physique.”

Dietician Aslıhan Kara stated that collagen is present in the connective tissues of animal meals similar to cows, goats and chickens. “There’s additionally a small quantity of collagen in bone broth. As well as, Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish scales, salmon, orange greens similar to carrots, pumpkin, citrus fruits, pink greens and fruits containing lycopene similar to tomatoes, apples, strawberries, pink peppers; onions, Sulfur-containing meals like garlic additionally include collagen. he stated.

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Dietician Aslıhan Kara underlined that though bone broth comprises collagen, this collagen from bone broth shouldn’t be absorbed and transported to the joints in the physique. “To ensure that collagen to be efficient in tissues and organs, it will need to have a low molecular weight. That’s, it creates the proper impact as hydrolyzed collagen because of biochemical reactions. Hydrolyzed collagen gives the proper impact to the physique because of the breakdown of collagen protein obtained from animal skin and bones. When bone broth is boiled for a very long time, “A small quantity of nutritional vitamins and minerals cross into the water. When collagen shouldn’t be taken into the physique by means of meals, it may be supported by dependable collagen dietary supplements.” stated.

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