Colic symptoms in babies and tips for treatment

Extreme crying in a wholesome and well-fed child is named colic andEmphasizing that babies with olic syndrome would not have any well being issues, Little one Well being and Illnesses Specialist Dr. Dr. Gokmen Alpaslan Taskin, okayHe mentioned that the olitic situation will not be fuel entrapment and many mother and father confuse it with fuel ache and give their babies gas-reducing medicine, however these medicine don’t remedy colic.

exp. Dr. Taşkın defined the symptoms of colic, listed the treatment strategies and the factors that folks ought to take note of.


Colic can occur at any time, however normally develops in the primary few weeks of life and tends to peak at round 6 to eight weeks of age. Generally a father or mother might say their child is ‘stressed’.

Colic is a quite common situation and impacts 1 in 5 babies. At round 6 to eight weeks of age, a child usually cries for 2 to three hours every day. If a child has colic, it’s regular to cry for greater than 3 hours, greater than 3 days per week. Babies with colic normally would not have an underlying medical drawback that causes them to be stressed. Nonetheless, having a child with colic generally is a very tiring, irritating and worrying expertise for mother and father. Babies with colic cry cry uncontrollably and this cycle tends to final greater than 3 weeks.

Babies with colic cry on the similar time day by day, normally in the afternoon or night. They cry for a number of hours at a time. They clenched their fists and pulled their legs as much as their stomach or again. Her face turns crimson after they cry. Cries closely and seems to be in misery; Crying is normally high-pitched. Cries for no obvious cause. E.g; they don’t want a diaper change, they don’t seem to be drained or hungry. They can’t simply calm down or settle down.

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It’s not clear what causes colic cries. This case; It impacts boys and ladies equally, and it is nonetheless not clear why some babies have colic assaults and others do not.

There is no such thing as a proof that colic ache is brought on by a digestive drawback or fuel. Research have been executed on quite a few different components, together with allergic reactions, lactose intolerance, adjustments in micro organism in the digestive tract, diets, and anxious mother and father, however no particular trigger has been recognized. Some research have discovered a hyperlink between colic and toddler migraine, and additional research are investigating this relationship. Nonetheless, it has been confirmed that maternal smoking or persevering with to smoke throughout being pregnant improve the danger of colic in infants.

It’s troublesome to say how lengthy the colic will final, but it surely normally will get higher by the point the child is 3 to 4 months previous. Colic doesn’t have long-term results; babies develop usually and proceed to develop. Colic will not be harmful, however it may be scary, irritating and distressing for mother and father. The prognosis of colic is normally made by the best way and quantity of crying, and the essential level is that babies with colic are growing usually and are properly fed. If mother and father are involved about their child crying, their physician might study the child and examine for digestive issues or indicators of different medical situations. Regardless of all this, mother and father mustn’t ignore conditions that shouldn’t be confused with colic.

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Colic symptoms in babies and tips for treatment #2


Contemplate if the child is unable to feed usually, has a persistent, weak or high-pitched cry, has a fever, has problem respiratory or is respiratory too quick, has a unfastened muscle tone, or is unusually sleepy. Take it significantly if he additionally has a seizure, if his pores and skin turns into very pale or blue, if the pores and skin turns into blotchy or has a purple-red rash on the physique, if he has repeated vomiting or green-colored vomit (on account of bile), a raised fontanel. In case your child has any of those symptoms, he might have a extra severe medical situation and ought to search rapid medical consideration.

The child normally recovers by itself inside just a few months. Over-the-counter carminative drugs have been tried by many mother and father, however they haven’t been discovered to enhance colic. Probiotics are additionally not a really helpful methodology for the treatment of colic. The results of fixing diets or limiting sure meals have additionally been checked out, however at the moment there aren’t any particular dietary suggestions for the treatment of colic.

Switching from breastfeeding to system doesn’t assist colic. Utilizing a particular nipple on bottles has not been proven to assist colic. Caring for a child with colic may be overwhelming for mother and father, particularly first-time mother and father. In case of colic, keep in mind the next; It is not the mother and father fault, it does not imply the child is sick or in ache, it is momentary, it is going to go away finally.

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Colic symptoms in babies and tips for treatment #3


It is extremely essential for mother and father to care for themselves. Dad and mom ought to attempt to take a relaxation break and ask another person to take over, even for 1-2 hours. Keep in mind that caring for a colic child will not be a one-person job. A health care provider or pediatric nurse can assist this and supply some concepts which may assist soothe an irritable child. Test with the physician to ensure the child is doing properly.

Be certain that the child will not be hungry or wants a diaper change. Develop an everyday day by day routine for feeding, sleeping and enjoying. Develop a routine to get child used to naps and sleep. Keep away from overstimulation earlier than sleep. Keep away from extreme silence, most babies discover low ranges of background noise soothing. For instance, you’ll be able to activate stress-free music. Darken the bed room for daytime sleepiness. Strive soothing strategies reminiscent of child therapeutic massage, light rocking, or light patting.

Keep away from complicated your child, reminiscent of enjoying fast-paced video games. Maintain your child gently and speak quietly to him. Ask for assist and settle for it. Speak to a healthcare skilled in the event you want assist or suppose you’ll be able to’t cope.

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