Clash between cartels in Mexico: Bodies left in the middle of the road

Clashes broke out between the Northeast Cartel and the Gulf Cartel in the city of Miguel Aleman in the state of Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico.

The our bodies of 9 individuals who died in the battle had been left on the Tamaulipas freeway in Monterrey, a spot near the city.

Residents passing by with their automobiles noticed the our bodies left in the middle of the freeway.

Legislation enforcement officers had been dispatched to the scene.


Tamaulipas state official, Luis Alberto Rodriguez, acknowledged that the Mexican military was the first to reach at the space the place the our bodies had been left.

Rodriguez additionally confirmed that the quantity of lifeless our bodies left on the road is 9.

Neighborhood residents acknowledged that heavy gunfire was heard in the space yesterday morning.

No clarification was given as to which cartel the our bodies belonged to.


The battle is assumed to have arisen resulting from the battle between the Northeast and Gulf Cartels over the medication, unlawful items and immigrant site visitors in the area since 2010.

Clash between cartels in Mexico: Bodies left in the middle of the road VIDEO

In Mexico, on June 19, once more in the metropolis of Reynosa of Tamaulipas state, the Gulf Cartel opened hearth on civilians and killed 15 harmless residents, whereas 4 members of the cartel had been neutralized by the safety forces.

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Clash between cartels in Mexico: bodies left in the middle of the road #2

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