Claims from the USA that ‘Iran-backed forces are collaborating with the PKK against Turkey’

The Pentagon Chief Inspectorate offered the January-March interval report on the operations in Iraq and Syria to the congress.

The report included an fascinating element about the PKK terrorist group.

In the report, which evaluated that the Iranian-backed militias in Iraq supported different Iranian allies in the area to focus on the Gulf international locations, it was famous that an Iraq-based group claimed accountability for an assault focusing on Abu Dhabi in February.

“Iran-backed militias improve their assaults on Turkish forces in Iraq and Syria”

In response to the information of AA, the report included the following evaluation of DIA relating to the PKK:

“In the meantime, Iran-backed militias elevated their assaults on Turkish forces in Iraq and Syria. DIA evaluated that the militias had been working in coordination with the PKK, which is acknowledged as a terrorist group by the United States, in response to Turkish air and UAV assaults on PKK positions. It has turn into more and more vocal against Turkish actions, launching rocket assaults on Turkish navy bases in Iraq and Syria.After February Turkish airstrikes focusing on the PKK in northern Iraq, a brand new militia group cooperating with Iran has invaded Mosul. launched a rocket assault on a Turkish base in the north.”

In the report, it was famous that Iranian-backed militias attacked Turkey to discourage the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) from conducting an operation against the PKK in Iraq.

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The report pointed to the PKK and Iran’s ties

In the report, which identified the ties of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), which is a rival to the Kurdistan Democratic Get together (KDP) in the Iraqi Kurdish Regional Authorities (IKRG), with Iran and the PKK, it was famous that the PKK additionally has hyperlinks with the Hashd al-Shaabi.

The report reminded that Turkey has been finishing up air and floor assaults against the PKK in Iraq for a few years, and it was talked about that the Turkish Armed Forces adopted a method wherein they focused high-level PKK ringleaders in Iraq and Syria with armed unmanned aerial autos.

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