Chinese scientists made it rain with sound waves

Resulting from world warming, which has been making its influence felt higher lately, scientists have accelerated their research.

Researchers from Tsinghua College in Beijing, China, obtained extra precipitation by “transferring the clouds” with low-frequency sound waves.

On this research, the scientists used sound waves at a frequency of fifty hertz, which the human ear can hardly detect. Nonetheless, the sound stage of the despatched waves is 160 decibels. That is virtually equal to the sound of an airplane engine.

Nonetheless, the extent of the waves in query, yWhen it reaches the clouds about 1 kilometer above, it drops to 30 decibels because of the lowering strain.


Scientists defined that they created vibration within the clouds due to the sound waves they despatched, and that the small particles within the cloud mixed with the bigger ones, thus creating far more rain droplets.

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of researchers In his experiments on the Tibetan Plateau in 2020, a 17 % improve in precipitation was recorded.

Chinese scientists say that sound vitality modifications the bodily properties of clouds and, in comparison with different related applied sciences, doesn’t produce chemical waste and doesn’t require autos equivalent to plane or rockets.

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Researchers concerned within the undertakingHe says that sooner or later, this know-how can be utilized at a lot decrease prices and with remote-controlled methods.

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Critics of the usage of the know-how argue that, even when profitable, it may cause noise air pollution for residents and animals residing within the space in the long term.

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