Chinese barrier to Keanu Reeves’ movies

Some platforms in China took down the movies and video content material of the well-known actor after Canadian Keanu Reeves’s Tibet Home (Tibet Home US) attended a live performance.


by Reeves; The Matrix, John Wick and Pace ​​movies are among the many movies eliminated.

Whereas a few of Reeves’ different work remains to be searchable on a few of China’s messaging companies, searches for the star actor’s English title and Chinese translation yielded no outcomes.

China blocking Keanu Reeves' movies #1


As well as to Reeves, names corresponding to Patti Smith, Laurie Anderson, Trey Anastasio and Jason Isbell are additionally focused by Chinese nationalists.

Alternatively, lately “Will the Matrix sequence proceed?” Upon the query, Reeves introduced that the director wouldn’t make a brand new film.

Chinese barrier to Keanu Reeves movies #2

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