China’s Ambassador to Paris: There is a possibility of military operation in Taiwan

The go to of the Speaker of america (USA) Home of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan elevated tensions between China and america.

Lu Shaye, Chinese language Ambassador to Paris, As a visitor of the French BFMTV channel, he made statements on the topic.

“There is a possibility of military operation in Taiwan”

Expressing that there is a possibility of a military operation by China in opposition to Taiwan, Lu underlined that this won’t be an operation in opposition to the Taiwanese.

“Taiwan inhabitants will once more be in favor of unification”

Lu, claiming that the general public has been brainwashed in Taiwan, “After unification, we’ll re-educate. I’m certain that then the Taiwanese inhabitants will once more be in favor of unification. (Taiwanese) might be patriotic once more.” used the phrases.

Thereupon the journalist “By threats?” to the query, “Re-educate, not threaten” he replied.

Noting that 20 years in the past, Taiwanese largely favored Taiwan’s reintegration into Chinese language territory, Lu stated, “An excessive amount of anti-Chinese language propaganda by the Democratic Progressive Get together (DPP)” He claimed that as a result of of this, the individuals on the island at present are in opposition to it.

Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan referred to as “pointless provocation”

In accordance to the information of AA; Lu, US Home of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s go to to Taiwan “created too many risks and crises” and “pointless provocation” assessed that.

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“Blood Strain” Emphasizing that it was Pelosi’s go to, not China, that elevated the quantity of individuals, Lu famous that they responded to this provocation.

Chinese Ambassador to Paris: There is a possibility of military operation against Taiwan #2

Chinese Ambassador to Paris: Possible military operation against Taiwan #3

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