China: Exercises near Taiwan comply with international law

China continues its army workouts, which started on August 4 by forming a blockade round Taiwan.

The spokesperson of the nation’s Ministry of Overseas Affairs, Wang Wenbin, argued that the workouts they began after the go to of the Speaker of the US Home of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, comply with international law.

“Taiwan is the land of China”

wang, “Taiwan is China’s territory. China’s common workouts in its waters and airspace are a transparent, truthful {and professional} measure. Related Chinese language establishments have issued notices on the matter sooner or later.” stated.

“Compliant with international law”

The Chinese language spokesperson, concerning the workouts in query, “It’s in line with nationwide laws and international law and present practices.” he stated.

The identical diplomat didn’t instantly reply the query of whether or not the workouts are over and whether or not there shall be a briefing on their length.

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