China ‘abstains’ from the UN resolution that holds Russia responsible

China ‘abstains’ from the UN resolution that holds Russia responsible

The UN Basic Meeting held a unprecedented assembly to attract consideration to the humanitarian penalties of the struggle in Ukraine.

At the assembly, the resolution calling for an finish to Russia’s assaults in Ukraine, the withdrawal of all forces and extra support to Kiev was adopted by 140 votes to five.


Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea opposed the invoice, whereas 38 international locations, together with China, abstained.

In the meantime, the proposal to vote on one other resolution, which was introduced by South Africa and which addresses the humanitarian state of affairs with out declaring Russia as responsible for the struggle in Ukraine, supported by China, was not accepted at the Basic Meeting.


China’s Everlasting Consultant to the UN Ambassador Cang Cun, in his speech in assist of South Africa’s proposal, acknowledged that the authentic safety considerations of all international locations ought to be taken into consideration, and requested that the politicization of humanitarian points be prevented. Cang acknowledged that he believes the South African model will contribute extra to encouraging UN members to unite and opening the door to dialogue.

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China had beforehand abstained from the resolution of the UN Basic Meeting condemning Russia’s army assault on Ukraine on 2 March. Basic Meeting resolutions, that are significant by way of revealing the common strategy of the UN member states on a topic, do not need binding drive.

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