Causes and treatment of hair growth in women

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Opr. Dr. Esra Nur Özgür stated that there could also be completely different causes for hair growth in women and that the treatment course of must be investigated and began.

As a way to forestall extreme hair growth, which is a nightmare for women, it’s essential to eradicate the causes first. If you’re having laser epilation and nonetheless can’t resolve the hair growth drawback, you may get right down to the supply of the issue by having easy hormone checks and begin your treatment underneath the physician’s management. Büyük Anadolu Hospitals Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Opr. Dr. Esra Nur Özgür gave details about hair growth issues in women.

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Op. Dr. Esra Nur Ozgur, “The state of affairs described as bushy in women is bushy like a person. It’s not bushy on the arms and legs, however hair in women is the interior surfaces of the legs, stomach, thigh surfaces, face, probably the most disturbing chin space, chest, nipple space. The hairs in these areas are darkish coloured bushy. The primary causes of this hair growth are Polycystic ovary syndrome, which is seen in women. Secondly, it could be brought on by the issues brought on by the adrenal glands that happen at a rarer age. In male sample hair growth, there could also be extra issues resembling pimples, weight acquire, menstrual irregularity that often accompany hair growth. First of all, a gynecologist examination must be finished, generally when sufferers go to the laser and can’t get treatment from the laser resulting from these complaints, in addition they go to a dermatologist. Since hair loss accompanies it, it’s essential to go to a dermatologist or gynecologist.” he stated.

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Dr. Esra Nur Özgür continued as follows: “When the dermatologist detects that there’s a hormonal dysfunction in his examination, he directs him to the obstetrician. With some checks carried out between the 2nd and fifth day of the menstrual interval, it’s determined whether or not there’s a hormonal drawback or not. First of all, as a result of trigger, the quantity of androken hormone referred to as male hormone is excessive in some sufferers. In some sufferers, the quantity is just not excessive, however hormone sensitivity is elevated. Principally, we see so much of sensitivity enhance.

Then again, polycystic ovary syndrome is just not solely in these, however insulin resistance has developed. If the affected person has folicistic ovary syndrome and weight problems, first of all, some drugs are advisable to vary his life-style, drop some weight, and break insulin resistance. If these issues are accompanied by menstrual delay, whether it is extreme, the affected person’s hormonal imbalance will strive contraception capsules and hormonal medication might be added to the treatment.

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Op. Dr. Esra Nur Özgür gave the next details about hair loss treatment: “Relying on the severity of the hair, some medication that cut back the androgen degree or forestall their interplay with the androgen degree might be added to the treatment. Treatment can take a very long time. We count on endurance from sufferers. It has a cycle of at the very least 2 or 3 years. It often begins in adolescence. With the affected person’s endurance and compliance, there’s a treatment interval of as much as 2 years. After this era, the affected person may also get a response from the laser. Nonetheless, they’ll by no means discover a solution from the laser alone and can’t be happy with hair growth like males. We are able to suppose of polycystic ovary syndrome as a continual illness. In different phrases, if the affected person is overweight and obese, his complaints can often return to regular when he loses weight. If there may be extreme polycystic ovary syndrome, for instance, the affected person receives treatment and receives an excellent response from the treatment course of, hair removing disappears, menstrual irregularity improves, and weight is misplaced. But when there may be weight acquire inside 1-2 years after stopping the treatment, generally there could also be a criticism of hair growth even when there isn’t a weight acquire. Throughout these durations, supportive treatment might be given once more.

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