Cause of infertility in 30 percent of women: Chocolate cyst

Explaining that chocolate cyst might be seen from the start of the reproductive age, Prof. Dr. Erkut Attar made necessary warnings.

Endometriosis, often known as chocolate cyst, is a typical trigger of infertility in 30 percent of girls. Endometriosis (chocolate cyst) impacts 1 in 10 girls on common. Stating that it’s essential to be meticulous about surgical remedy, Yeditepe College Hospitals Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Erkut Attar, He stated that surgical elimination of the cyst earlier than the girl turns into pregnant or the egg assortment course of can significantly hurt the fertility of the affected person.

Cause of infertility in 30 percent of women: Chocolate cyst #1


Reminding that the illness manifests itself in the shape of menstrual ache, particularly in younger ladies, Prof. Dr. Erkut Attar, “Equally, it causes complaints in the shape of ache and groin ache throughout menstruation and intercourse in advancing ages. Since chocolate cyst is an estrogen-dependent illness, it’s generally seen in reproductive age, however it may possibly additionally happen in girls who’ve gone by way of menopause, though hardly ever. Since chocolate cysts are one of crucial causes of infertility, 30 percent of girls with this downside develop infertility. stated.

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Explaining that the remedy method of chocolate cysts is to have a child and to deal with ache, Prof. Dr. Erkut Attar, “We choose to attend for some time in girls who need to have a child and have a great ovarian reserve. As a result of these sufferers at all times have the likelihood of self-conceiving. Nonetheless, vaccination remedy additionally has advantages in early stage chocolate cysts. If no outcome might be obtained from right here, in vitro fertilization remedy is utilized.” he stated. Attar states that chocolate cysts might be seen everywhere in the physique; He added that it may be discovered in surgical incisions, in the lungs and even in the mind.

Stating that it is very important scale back or cease menstrual bleeding in stopping the formation of cysts, Prof. Dr. Attar continued: “Contraception tablets are very useful in controlling it. As well as, way of life adjustments akin to exercising and regulating the weight loss plan are additionally crucial in stopping endometriosis. We all know that chocolate cysts are much less frequent in girls who train repeatedly.” Noting that genetic elements are additionally efficient in the emergence of endometriosis, Prof. Dr. Erkut Attar reminded that it’s particularly more likely to be seen in girls whose first-degree kinfolk have a historical past of endometriosis, and subsequently consciousness ought to be elevated.

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Cause of infertility in 30 percent of women: Chocolate cyst #2


Warning that the surgical procedure of chocolate cysts ought to be achieved very meticulously, Prof. Dr. Erkut Attar continued as follows: “In sufferers with low ovarian capability or reserves, surgical procedure ought to be averted as it might harm ovarian reserves. In these sufferers, we suggest egg freezing if the girl isn’t but married and is planning to have youngsters. If the affected person is married and needs a child, however on the identical time has low ovarian reserves, we provide the choice of in vitro fertilization earlier than losing time after which surgical procedure. If the chocolate cyst is bilateral and is eliminated earlier than the affected person turns into pregnant or the eggs are collected, the girl’s fertility might be severely broken. For that reason, surgical procedure shouldn’t be achieved all of the sudden, however very fastidiously, by controlling the affected person’s reserves. After this stage, the affected person’s medical remedy must be continued and always monitored. As a result of it shouldn’t be forgotten that the likelihood of recurrence of ache and chocolate cyst inside 24 months is sort of excessive in sufferers who don’t obtain any remedy or management after surgical procedure.

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