Can predict political opinion with photo analysis

Can predict political opinion with photo analysis

In keeping with the analysis, it was decided that the political views of people will be predicted with 61 p.c accuracy by photo analysis utilizing synthetic intelligence.


From Aarhus College in Denmark, Dr. Stig Hebbelstrup Rye Rasmussen and his workforce launched a examine analyzing the hyperlink between folks’s facial expressions and their political views.

Predicted political ideologies by 61 p.c with photo analysis

Within the examine, by which images of politicians and parliamentarians competing within the 2017 native elections in Denmark have been used, the pictures of 4,647 candidates have been examined.

Scientists use Microsoft’s software program to detect folks’s moods, facial expressions and facial buildings. “facial features recognition know-how” used completely different algorithms.

Within the analysis, it was discovered that synthetic intelligence can predict folks’s political ideologies with 61 p.c accuracy primarily based on their facial expressions.

Within the aforementioned analysis, it’s acknowledged that synthetic intelligence has the capability to be taught by imitating human behaviors. “from the deep studying technique” stated to have been used.

The outcomes of the analysis, “Scientific Experiences”additionally printed.

Artificial intelligence surprised: It can predict political opinion with photo analysis

Synthetic intelligence is the utopia of some and the dystopia of others

Whereas synthetic intelligence and associated applied sciences are offered to folks in an fascinating manner world wide, many individuals assume that it’s as dangerous as its profit.

Synthetic intelligence, which is the utopia of some, has turn out to be the dystopia of others.

By scoring folks’s citizenships utilizing facial recognition methods “acceptable citizen” Synthetic intelligence methods, which draw a dystopian profile within the situation in China, the place it’s decided, will be offered to folks within the West as a user-friendly equipment.

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