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There are many reasons for brown secretions in ladies. Most of the time, brown secretions that occur at the beginning or at the end of the grain process arise from stale blood discharged from the body. This is düzgüsel and should not be a cause for concern.
Depending on the nature and time of its appearance, it may be more accurate to interpret the causes of brown discharge. Brown discharge, seen as spotting, is part of the grain cycle. However, if you see brown secretions running out of the body, it is probably a sign of early pregnancy. It is very düzgüsel to see brownish blood secretions during the grain of a woman using birth control pills. This can be noticed immediately after taking the pill or when it is expelled from the body. Your secretions are brown, swollen, painful, etc. If the symptoms accompany, you may suspect a cyst symptom.

The brown spot is caused by stale blood from old grain bleeding trying to remove it from the body. It takes time for this stale blood to be expelled from the body. Blood that could not be taken from your body in your previous grain period may appear as brown spots at the beginning of your new grain period. However, when your period ends, you may experience this brown discharge. This is an indication that you still have old blood in your body. When your period is delayed, it is possible to encounter this light or dark brown discharge.

The number one cause of brown secretions is that they are the biggest determinants of pregnancy. The pregnancy process consists of certain stages. The first is to attach the baby to the uterine wall. Brown discharge occurs when fertilization has occurred and the baby is no longer held. This discharge may be dark brown in color and may be much more, as it may be small. Some ladies confuse these secretions with grain bleeding. However, the color of brown secretions is darker and only a few drops. It occurs approximately three weeks after menstruation. The emergence of another one close to its time also brings to mind some question marks.

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First, you should know that brown secretions are düzgüsel and common. It is definitely not a situation to be afraid of. Many women, however, are seen as the biggest pre-pregnancy messengers. Therefore, fear or fear should not be developed. Brown discharge should be seen as an organic process. If you are expecting a pregnancy, you should rest knowing that this is a harbinger of pregnancy. Pregnancy is the biggest cause of brown discharge. Another reason is that women can have secretions of different colors during their period. Brown discharge may also occur during menstruation. In a situation like this, you don’t have to worry. Within weeks, cervical abrasion (a wound in the cervix) causes fungal infections and pelvic infections (an infection in the upper part of the genitals) and it is useful to start the treatment process early.

In addition, some medicines turn the color of menstruation dark brown and cause secretions to biçim in this way. Some vaginal secretions may be signs of infection. Another cause of brown secretions is obstetric. These pills change the hormones to a great extent. These pills often cause brownish discharge during or outside the grain process. If a woman who continues to use the pill notices a brown discharge within a month, it takes six to eight weeks for the discomfort to return to düzgüsel and the body to return to düzgüsel again. If the brown discharge coincides with the end of the pill and the beginning of the grain bleeding, menstruation may be delayed. If you have a brown discharge that continues with the pill and has been constantly noticeable for a few months, you should consult your doctor no matter what and see if it is due to another reason. Brown blood, along with abdominal pain and swelling, may be caused by a serious infection. Therefore, it will be useful to consult your doctor and have it checked.

We’ve done the research for you and listed 10 causes of brownish discharge:

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  1. The brown secretions that occur after the grain cycle are caused by the death of uterine cells induced by the mimethium. It causes dark brown, brown or dark red secretions during or after the grain bleeding after a late period. Although it is not a serious question, it is very common.
  2. Destruction of the uterus, cervical wound or superficial wounds causes brown discharge.
  3. Uterine polyps additionally cause brownish discharge.
  4. In addition, chronic vaginal yeast infections are among the causes.
  5. Pelvic inflammatory disease is also defined as pelvic inflammatory disease in medical language (PID).
  6. We can also list vaginal bacteria among the causes.
  7. Cervical cancers.
  8. Before menopause and menopause, brown discharge may be seen after your period.
  9. Vaginal warts and gonorrhea (colloquially called gonorrhea) can be a cause of sexually transmitted diseases in the biçim of chlamydia.
  10. Brown discharge may occur after the implantation of the fetus after the period and explain the pregnancy.

When your brown discharge recurs, the first thing that comes to mind is to see a gynecologist. For this reason, although some cases are innocent, the common brown discharge can sometimes be a sign of very serious diseases. That’s why we recommend you to have a gynecological examination.

Causes of pre-grained brown secretions?

Although brown secretions before menstruation sometimes seem düzgüsel, they are sometimes a sign of a hormonal disorder. In addition, it should not be ignored that it is a harbinger of various diseases.

Regardless of a woman’s contemporary situation, it is a common sorun for almost all women, and sometimes seriously and at times not so dangerous. Brown discharge also has its benefits. Since it keeps the vagina wet during secretions, it does not cause irritation due to friction during movement. It provides a better quality relationship due to the slipping during intercourse and it is the expulsion of the germs in the vagina. Therefore, the wetness and wetness of the woman’s vagina is very important for the health of the woman.

In addition to these benefits, menopause, uterine cells and uterine cells can be signs of a team of problems. In addition, it can explain menopause, sexually transmitted diseases or cancers. In short, if you are cleaning the dead skin with brown uterine secretions, you can get rid of this situation with very comfortable methods. You can regulate your irregular eating habits, hug hugs and exercise regularly. If you have a burning sensation while urinating and your discharge is brown and smells bad, it means a vaginal disorder or hormonal disorder. Most of the time, brownish discharge is seen before the grain period.

  • Brown discharge occurs in the early stages of pregnancy and may indicate a miscarriage as it turns red in the future.
  • A hormonal disorder may occur with the use of birth control pills or needles, and brown secretions may appear with it.
  • Implantation bleeding occurs as the fertilized egg moves towards the uterus.
  • If the red bleeding at the end of your period is directed to brown spots, this is a sign that your period is over.
  • Old blood cells may be part of the browning of secretions.
  • He often announces that your period is coming.
  • It may be caused by polyps. (Polyp is a group of cells that take place during the uterus or in the vaginal wall.) The result of bleeding in polyps
  • There may be brownish discharge. We can say that it is found in a kind of tumor biçim. Only many polyps are benign.
  • There is a mucus in the uterus that causes bleeding during the grain periods. While the textures are renewed here, a few days before the grain period
  • There may be brownish discharge.
  • Brown, pre-grain secretions can also come from a lady who has had a short miscarriage.
  • Fibroids may additionally cause brownish discharge.
  • A UTI can cause brownish discharge.
  • If these currents are more than düzgüsel and long, you should consult a specialist as soon as possible.
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