Bride car from Ukrainian double Russian battleship

There was an excellent resistance in opposition to Russia in Ukraine for nearly 2 months.

Life continues within the area the place violent conflicts proceed.

One of many colourful scenes that gave morale to the folks and the resistance was skilled in Sumi.

They made the Russian battleship a bridal car

The BTR-20 kind armored automobile, captured by the Ukrainian military from the Russian military, was used as a bridal car.

The soldier who served within the Ukrainian military determined to marry his girlfriend after 5 years of relationship.

Bride car #1 from Ukrainian double Russian battleship

army automobile convoy

Fascinating photos emerged when the commanders of the Ukrainian military allotted the captured armored automobile from the Russian military for the couple.

The Ukrainian couple went to the marriage workplace with a convoy of army autos and entered the wedding.

Bride car #2 from the Ukrainian double Russian battleship

Ukrainian double Russian armored bride car #3

Ukrainian double Russian armored bride car #4

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