Bioenergy therapy against coronavirus

The coronavirus, which emerged in China, has unfold all around the world.

With the invention of the vaccine, whereas some nations are shifting in direction of normalization step-by-step, totally different therapy strategies apart from vaccines are additionally on the agenda every now and then.

Whereas recommendations have been made for immune-boosting mixtures to keep away from catching coronavirus in several areas of Anatolia, a brand new therapy administration got here to the fore.


Yusuf Sağlam, who works on bioenergy in Adana, mentioned that he healed sufferers with coronavirus in 5 to 7 days with bioenergy therapy.

Stating that he has achieved ends in many individuals round him with this methodology, Yusuf Sağlam argues that along with the coronavirus, different sufferers are additionally wholesome with the bioenergy methodology.

Explaining that vital research have been carried out on this subject in Turkey, Yusuf Sağlam, desires bioenergy consultants to be valued to ensure that the research to go additional.

Bioenergy specialist Sağlam shares the pictures of the sufferers he mentioned he handled on his Instagram account.

Bioenergy therapy against coronavirus #2

There are those that don’t imagine in addition to those that imagine that Yusuf Sağlam cured coronavirus sufferers. The Ministry of Well being desires folks to get vaccinated against coronavirus at each alternative.

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