Biden’s comment on the Pope’s visit to Iraq: A symbol of hope for the whole world

US President Joe Bidenmade a press release concerning Pope Francis’ visit to Iraq.

In his written assertion, Biden identified that there’s a lot of spiritual and ethnic range in Iraq, and that this nation can also be dwelling to the oldest Christian communities.


Underlining that the Pope’s first visit to Iraq was “historic” and “welcomed” Biden, “This visit despatched an essential message, as Pope Francis himself mentioned: fraternity is stronger than fratricide, hope is stronger than demise, peace is stronger than warfare.” used the phrases.

Bidenreminded that the Pope visited the holy locations in Iraq and met with Ayatollah Ali al-Husayni es-Sistani, the highest spiritual authority of the Shiites in Najaf.


Declaring that the Pope held a ceremony in Mosul, which was in the grip of the terrorist group DAESH, till a number of years in the past. Biden, “All this can be a symbol of hope for the whole world.” made its evaluation.

Bidenin the assertion “Our admiration for Pope Pope Francis will proceed for his dedication to selling spiritual tolerance, the frequent ties of humanity, and interreligious understanding.” used the phrase.

Comment from Biden on Pope's visit to Iraq: Symbol of hope for the whole world #2

Comment from Biden on Pope's visit to Iraq: A symbol of hope for the whole world #3

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