Beware of the salt we take without realizing it!


It is extremely necessary to make use of iodized salt.

In our nation, the addition of iodine to desk salt has been made obligatory since 1994. Consumption of iodized desk salt is a crucial half of our food plan. Iodine deficiency in kids has a major affect on the improvement of intelligence. In the world, no less than 30 million kids have an absence of intelligence improvement, which is seen with inadequate iodine consumption.

2ndWe add salt without tasting the food

The proportion of individuals who add salt earlier than or whereas consuming in Turkey was discovered to be 28.1%; ie 1 out of 3 individuals. This quantity of consumption is properly above what it ought to be. Sadly, many individuals in our nation have the behavior of including salt without tasting the meals.


To be able to get rid of this behavior, I feel that the consumption of spices ought to enhance. Let’s add spices as a substitute of including salt.

4Our daily salt intake should not exceed 1 teaspoon.

In 2017, Turkey Family Well being Survey Threat Components of Non-Communicable Ailments reported that salt consumption in Turkey was roughly 10 g. The World Well being Group goals to scale back salt consumption to five g or much less in the world by 2025. In different phrases, we ought to halve the quantity of salt we eat.

5Excess sodium taken with salt also damages the heart.

Extra sodium taken with salt additionally damages the coronary heart.

Sodium taken with salt must also be restricted to a specific amount. We get roughly 5 g of salt and a couple of g of sodium. The World Well being Group defines sodium consumption of 3.5 g and above as dangerous for cardiovascular ailments. About 3 million individuals in the world die annually from excessive sodium consumption.


Protecting the quantity of sodium and salt in steadiness is essential and ought to be emphasised in phrases of defending our well being.

7Watch out for the invisible salt

We unknowingly get an excessive amount of sodium from many meals! We get a good portion of our day by day sodium consumption from bread, numerous breakfast cereals, processed meats, cereals, milk and dairy merchandise. Even with a small quantity of packaged meals or processed merchandise consumed throughout the day, we can attain the quantity of sodium we must eat day by day. We name them “invisible salt”.

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