Beware of increasing female infections in summer

Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Op. Dr. Arzu Kublay acknowledged that vaginal infections or vaginitis is a well being downside attributable to microbial brokers that trigger infections in the vagina and vulva.

These infections, which might be attributable to fungi, micro organism or parasites, are far more frequent with increasing temperatures in the summer months. Shared swimming pools and sitting in a moist swimsuit are among the many elements that enhance the danger of female infections. Medicana Avcılar Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist, Op. Dr. Arzu Kublay gave details about increasing vaginal infections in summer.

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Dr. Kublai, “Ladies’s vagina and vulva naturally comprise a sure microorganism flora attributable to its particular construction. Nonetheless, any of these organisms, which stay in a stability with unsanitary circumstances, could cause an an infection by overproducing. This can be attributable to causes reminiscent of sexual transmission or the copy of microorganisms attributable to inappropriate circumstances. Whereas the summer months present temperature circumstances the place microorganisms can reproduce and multiply quickly, in addition, when sweating and a few exterior elements come into play, the susceptibility to vaginal infections will increase considerably. made a press release.

Emphasizing that temperature and humidity are among the many elements that may be counted among the many causes of vaginal an infection, Op. Dr. Arzu Kublay listed the explanations as follows: “To not favor cotton underwear, to make use of very tight underwear and garments, to make use of each day pads that put together the atmosphere for the copy of microorganisms, to not change underwear usually sufficient, to attend for a very long time with moist underwear or clothes merchandise reminiscent of swimwear and bikini, to keep away from the genital space after sexual activity. not cleansing the vagina, utilizing cleaning soap or beauty merchandise to wash the vagina, utilizing scented pads and bathroom paper, not cleansing the genital space from entrance to again accurately after rest room want, taking antibiotic remedy.”

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Whereas the physiological vaginal discharge, which supplies the pure moisture and lubricity of the vagina, is colorless, it may be foul-smelling, yellow, inexperienced or grey in case of vaginitis, Op. Dr. Arzu Kublay, “Usually of vaginitis, irregular itching and irritation of the vulva are additionally seen. The explanation why many ladies with vaginitis apply to well being establishments embrace extreme itching in the genital space, irritation attributable to scratching, darkish coloured, unusually dense and foul-smelling vaginal discharge, ache and burning throughout urination. Fungal infections are a very powerful trigger of vaginitis in ladies. Fungal infections, which make up 75 % of all vaginal infections, are characterised by a tacky discharge and manifest with issues reminiscent of burning and itching in the vulva. he stated.

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Dr. Kublai continued his phrases as follows: “Consequently of the examination made on the pattern taken from the vaginal discharge, after the an infection is definitively recognized as bacterial, fungal or parasitic, these infections might be simply handled with the assistance of lotions utilized to the vulva, suppositories positioned in the vagina or oral drugs. Antifungal lotions, suppositories and medicines are used in fungal infections, antibiotics and antibiotic-containing suppositories and lotions are used in bacterial infections, and antiparasitic medicine, suppositories and lotions are used in parasitic medicine. In some circumstances, remedy might be carried out in the shape of a mix of these.”

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Stating that altering damp underwear instantly, selecting cotton underwear, and cleansing the vulva and vagina with solely water are very efficient in stopping vaginal infections or supporting the post-infection remedy course of, Dr. Kublai, “As well as, each day pads are among the many most essential causes of recurrent vaginal infections. In phrases of well being, ladies ought to favor to vary underwear regularly as a substitute of utilizing each day pads. In circumstances reminiscent of itching, foul-smelling and unusual-looking discharge, it’s of nice significance to seek the advice of a health care provider and search remedy as quickly as doable. stated.

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Dr. Kublai lastly stated: “Untreated infections can result in adhesions in the interior genital organs and another issues, resulting in well being issues that may result in infertility. Because of this, ladies who expertise vaginal infections ought to apply to well being establishments as quickly as doable. However, ladies who get rid of vaginitis by receiving remedy ought to pay most consideration to measures reminiscent of selecting the best underwear, genital hygiene, each day pads and avoiding the use of beauty merchandise for cleansing the vagina, in order to forestall the recurrence of infections.

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