Beware of cherry stem tea, it can lead to liver failure

There could also be swelling within the arms and ft, edema drawback below 1-2 kilos achieve and loss in a couple of days. Stating that there’s an edema drawback after the rise in water and salt retention within the physique in scorching climate, Inside Drugs and Phytotherapy Specialist Prof. Dr. Hakan Terekeci warned in opposition to mixtures that might threaten well being. prof. Dr. Terekeci drew consideration to pure methods to relieve swelling attributable to water retention.


Reminding that with the rise in air temperature, growth happens within the veins close to the pores and skin, Prof. Dr. Terekeci, “This leads to a rise in edema, particularly the looks of situations corresponding to stretching on the pores and skin. The movement of water continues within the human physique like a cycle. In some instances, extra water can be retained within the physique. Coronary heart and kidney illnesses, vascular problems within the decrease legs, extreme salt consumption, inactivity, sitting an excessive amount of, particularly at work, being pregnant can trigger extreme edema within the physique. It could current with signs corresponding to swelling, rigidity, ache, issue in transferring the joints, and typically redness within the legs, ft and ankles. It can seem on the eyelids, face, arms. In some illnesses, edema could happen in the entire physique, together with the inner organs. he stated.

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Explaining that it is critical to keep away from meals with excessive salt content material and salt consumption, Prof. Dr. Terekeci listed his warnings as follows:“Whether or not it is rock salt or iodized sea salt, all of them comprise sodium in a roundabout way, inflicting the physique to retain water. Ham and salami, pickles, olives with extreme salt trigger edema formation. When you don’t transfer, blood circulation decreases and a big quantity of water passes by means of tissue areas and below the pores and skin. Due to this fact, the motion must be accomplished each 2 hours. The individual ought to undoubtedly do a 10-minute train or stroll within the office the place he/she works sitting. If this edema happens within the legs, elevating the legs up in 15-30 minute cures with one or two pillows could be very efficient in stopping edema. Research present that this edema disappears utterly because of this of massaging the legs for 20 minutes twice a day.


Offering details about pure and easy edema-solving recipes, Prof. Dr. Terekeci additionally gave the next warnings for mixtures that might threaten life: “The primary of these is parsley treatment. For instance, when getting ready parsley treatment, you can put 1 / 4 of a glass of chopped parsley in 1 glass of boiling water, wait for five minutes, pressure it and drink it instantly. Ingesting twice a day might be sufficient. It is good to have one early within the morning. Parsley can even be used as a dietary complement. Dandelion is well-known for its diuretic impact. Some important oils corresponding to grapefruit, fennel. These can be taken orally by dripping into the tea and can be most popular as therapeutic massage oil. Its advantages have additionally been demonstrated in lots of scientific research. I’m additionally an intensive care specialist. Beforehand, I adopted two instances of liver failure due to cherry stalk consumption in intensive care items. Unconscious consumption of cherry stalk can have a poisonous impact on the liver and we don’t suggest it as a result of it will have an effect on the elements associated to blood coagulation. I undoubtedly don’t unconsciously suggest the use of cherry stalk. Boiling too many cherry stalks in scorching water directly is an unconscious use. Generally cherries usually are not washed very properly as a result of they’re sprayed, and it exhibits its personal negative effects and will comprise pesticides.”

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Reminding that tissue integrity will deteriorate in folks with persistent edema, Prof. Dr. Terekeci, “Including an an infection on it might be simpler for scarring and development. Motion is essential to clear up the edema drawback. Motion is essential for holding water in sure components of the physique and holding it in stability all through the physique. stated.


The put up Beware of cherry stem tea, it can lead to liver failure.

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