Benefits of drinking black plum compote in hot weather


Because the air temperature rises so much in summer time, our physique sweats so much and of course we lose water by sweating, of course, we lose not solely water but in addition some minerals from our physique. To place these water and minerals again in our physique, we should drink one thing liquid.


Right this moment, water consumption could be very low, particularly amongst those that have weight issues. Because the digestive system of individuals with this drawback doesn’t work correctly, they attempt to remove the sugar that they can not digest in meals, both as a dessert or by consuming a flavored beverage. In reality, drinking water is rather more vital than every other beverage. As a result of our physique wants water.

3Black plum compote is the most beneficial

Black plum compote is probably the most helpful

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül talked in regards to the consumption of compote as follows: “When you can’t drink water or in case you are searching for an alternate apart from water, allow us to give you compote. In comparison with all different various drinks, it may be ready by your self, is pure, and most significantly, as a result of it accommodates lots of nutritional vitamins and minerals, it has been used for hundreds of years. It is time to bear in mind compote once more, and it is already previous.


Some say compote made out of recent fruit, compote made out of dried fruit, however I believe we, as Turkish individuals, name all of them compote. There are various compote recipes. Probably the most extensively used amongst these is black plum compote.


It’s protecting towards most cancers and getting old. Prune is one of the meals that finest clear the dangerous substances that enter the physique and which we name free radicals that we produce ourselves.

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