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Beauty secrets for working women:

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Women always want to look well-groomed and beautiful. However, there may not be time for beauty and care in the hustle and bustle of daily life. We have prepared a useful article for you. Beauty secrets for working women In !


Stick foundations are the most practical to use to cover rashes and acne. make-up materials. If you apply a stick foundation that matches your skin color, it will not be noticed, even if you make a mistake in a hurry.

No matter how limited your time is, do not neglect to use an eyelash curler. Within seconds, your eyes will appear bigger and your eyelashes will appear longer. If you are not using eyeshadow or eyeliner, applying three layers of black or dark brown mascara to your eyelashes will instantly add vitality to your face.

Who cares about drawing lines on the lip edges with a pencil and applying lipstick and gloss inside? With a tinted lip balm or gloss, you’re ready in seconds. Even if you don’t wear any makeup, you can save the situation by wearing dark lipstick. A lipstick in red and burgundy shades makes you look make-up even with your simplest.

Perfect muscles make a big difference even on a face without make-up. Straighten your eyebrows with a swipe of clear lip gloss on your finger. So your eyebrows will look smooth throughout the day.

Well-groomed nails

We know, none of you have the time to put on nail polish and wait for it to dry. Whereas, for a proper manicure, you need at least 15 minutes (at least 30 minutes with feet). Fortunately, your nails can become more human-like in less time.

First, clean the inside of your nails and apply a piece of cream to your nail base. Dark nail polish shows all kinds of imperfections. If you are short on time, apply a clear and colorless nail polish or light pink nail polish.

Whichever color you prefer, do not apply more than a single coat, otherwise your nail polish will dry more difficult. Putting your hands in ice-cold water for about 30 seconds will also speed up the drying process.

The working woman should always be ready for anything. For example, you noticed that the delicious burgundy nail polish they wore during manicure looked terrible when you wake up in the morning. Some parts are removed, cracked, And there is no acetone left in the house!

No panic, if you apply any nail polish in one coat and wipe it off immediately, the underlying burgundy nail polish will come off too.

Polish-free nails can also look attractive. If you file your nails with a soft nail file, they will look like they have clear nail polish on them for a few days. But be careful, doing this more than once a week will damage your nails.

Skin care

Studies show that we spend an average of five minutes a day on skincare. But it is even possible to cut this time in half.

Reduce the time of your morning shower and the temperature of the water. Staying in the shower for a long time, and doing this under extremely hot water, is both unnecessary and causes your skin to dry by removing its natural oils.

Cleansing your skin before going to bed will save you a few minutes in the morning. Why would you wash your already clean face again? You don’t need very complicated skin care. It is enough to have hyaluronic acid in your moisturizer, which keeps the skin moist all day.


Washing hair is like a chain reaction; shampoo, moisturizer, blow dryer, shine serum… Well, all these mean you sacrifice at least 45 minutes in the morning. By the way, remember, the hair will look better a day after washing. Does not appear mu? So here are the tricks you need to apply …

You just washed your hair yesterday morning, but smells of cigarettes and food stuck to it. Don’t worry, there are very special products that will save you from shampooing. One more tip; If you wash and dry only the visible parts of your hair and your bangs, your entire hair will look clean in a short way.

Getting blow dry at the hairdresser twice a week; it is a complete savior for the working woman. “What does my hair look like today?” For at least two days, depending on how long your hair gets dirty. You can get out of the house without stress.

If your hair is electrified and the waves are no longer visible, spray the visible parts with a spray of water, then curl them and secure them with a barrette. When you turn it on when you are about to leave the house, you will find your curls are smoother.

Your hair is totally out of control, but you don’t have time to deal with hot table or blow dry! Make a tight bun after applying a no-rinse product with moisturizing properties. Open it right out of the house and straighten it with your hands.

Changing the direction you split your hair will make your hair look voluminous and fuller.

Do not underestimate the power of horsetail. You can make your hair ponytail with a stylish hairpin and be ready to jump out of the house in seconds. By the way, don’t ignore the season’s hair trends. Extremely neatly gathered hair out, slightly messy ponytail. There are two things to be aware of; Gather your hair from the back, right in the middle, and leave the top section loose.

Asleep care!

You can also use the time you sleep for your beauty.

Before going to bed, apply a cream containing retinol or glycolic acid to your face in the form of a mask. When you wake up in the morning, your skin, which is purified from dead skin, will look radiant.

If your skin is sensitive, wash your face with a cleanser containing salicylic acid and moisten it with a cream containing hyaluranic acid.

Put a steamer in your bedroom that keeps the air moist, to give moisture to your hair and skin.

In order to make your nail bottoms look manicured when you get up in the morning, apply a moistened cream to your hands and nail bottoms before going to bed.

If your hair is long, sleep by braiding it from both sides. They do not tangle with each other, and you will have extremely smooth waves. Finish with a shine serum.

Your blow dryer will last longer if you use silk and satin pillowcases. It is also an effort to get rid of the pillow marks on your face.

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