At the request of the USA, the Russian oligarch’s yacht in Spain was seized

After Russia’s assaults on Ukraine, sanctions towards Russian oligarchs, who’re recognized to be near the President of Ukraine Vladimir Putin in the USA and Europe, proceed.


In the operation carried out by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) groups along with the Spanish Civil Guard, the luxurious yacht of Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg, anchored on the Island of Mallorca, was seized this morning.

In the assertion made by the Spanish Civil Guard, Vekselberg, who has shut relations with Putin, said that there was no sanction determination by the European Union (EU), however an investigation was launched towards him for tax evasion, cash laundering and forgery of the doc in order to cover the possession of the yacht Tango. It was reported that the operation was carried out at the request of the US authorities.


In the assertion made by the US Division of Justice, it was said that there was an arrest warrant for Russian oligarch Vekselberg for 3 years, and an arrest warrant was issued for him on April 6, 2018, as a result of the Russian oligarch tried to cover the possession of the yacht Tango, recognized to have been purchased in 2011, from the US authorities with entrance corporations.

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In the assertion, it was additionally said that the US authorities has confiscated the property of an individual near the Russian authorities for the first time, and it’ll not be the final and everybody who helps the unjust conflict of the Russian authorities shall be held accountable.

It’s said that Vekselberg’s luxurious yacht Tango is 78 meters lengthy and price 90 million {dollars}.

At the request of the USA, the yacht of the Russian oligarch in Spain was seized #2


Yachts Crescent, Valerie and Girl Anastasia, which had been beforehand reported to belong to Russian oligarchs, in Spain, the luxurious yacht of Russian billionaire Andrey Malnichenko value 578 million {dollars} in Italy, and Igor Sechin’s 88-meter yacht Amore Vero in France. In England, the yacht Phi, which belonged to a Russian oligarch whose identify is saved secret, was seized.

The yacht of the Russian oligarch in Spain was seized at the request of the USA #3

Russian oligarch's yacht in Spain seized at the request of the USA #4

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