Astronomers believe a galaxy has been swallowed

Astronomers discover the Milky Means galaxy shaped 10 billion years in the past introduced that that they had mapped an necessary sequence of occasions. An article revealed in Nature Astronomy, Astrophysica de Canarias revealed that an institute named after him had detected a shocking element.

Every thing recognized about black holes

Probably the most curious topics concerning the universe and area is undoubtedly black holes. We have now compiled what is thought about black holes and the theories put ahead for you.

The declare that the Milky Means Galaxy swallowed a dwarf galaxy is on the agenda

Astrophysica de Canarias originating within the Canary Islands, Gaia-Enceladus a named dwarf galaxy by the Milky Means Stated it was swallowed. Scientists believe that this swallowing occasion The conjunction of the Milky Means and Gaia-Enceladus He believes it’s the trigger. Earlier than the related occasion there was a collision amongst these recognized.

Milky Way galaxy

The revealed discovery report provides new perception into present data of how the Milky Means shaped. Astronomers beforehand thought that the Milky Means was shaped as a results of the merger of two distinct and separate units of stars, however didn’t know once they got here collectively.

utilizing the Gaia area telescope; An evaluation was product of the positions of a million stars, their luminosities and their distances. Officers who additionally look at the galaxy parts, as a results of chaotic actions They proved that there was a collision. This mess that occurred 10 billion years in the past, That the Milky Means has slowly consumed a dwarf galaxy, Gaia-Enceladus, over thousands and thousands of years. revealed.

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Milky Way

The researchers additionally acknowledged that the formation of stars as a results of the collision contributed 4 billion years. In accordance with students, the stays of Gaia-Enceladus shaped the present-day Milky Means construction. What do you concentrate on it?

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